Sunday, August 21, 2011

crazy, stupid, love


we've heard the reviews, seen the trailer and Ryan Gosling's "photoshopped" abs so we decided to see the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and i must say that i immensely enjoyed it.

and because i'm not really good at reviews just like the film critics i'm just going to tell the story like it is: Cal discovers that his wife Emily had an affair with a co-worker and is asking for a divorce. after he moves out the family home, he goes to a bar frequently to mope about how his wife cheated on him, catching the attention of womanizer Jacob. Jacob befriends Cal and turns him into a womanizer like himself because he claims that Cal lost his manhood which led his wife to cheat. his first encounter, after Jacob's "mentoring" was with Kate, who gets turned on by his honesty, and him not calling her back, just as Jacob had taught, would've been great and perfectly convenient, if she weren't his 13-year old son, Robbie's teacher.

Hannah is taking the bar the exam and Jacob hits on her but she turns him down because her boyfriend looks awfully like Josh Groban, except he's a lawyer here, not a singer. her friend, Liz played by Filipino-American actress Liza Lapira (seriously, you guys could've come up with a better name for her character) thinks she should've jumped on Jacob and dumped Josh. when Josh's proposal turns out to be an invitation to work for a law firm rather than marriage, she seeks out Jacob in the bar to have sex with him but they just talked. yeah, they just talked. i mean, that scene in Dirty Dancing is hot, but there are other ways to get a woman in bed.

anyway, Emily finds out that Cal has gone out with nine other women aside from Robbie's teacher so she decides to go have a date with the co-worker she cheated with, David Lindhagen played by Kevin Bacon. of course, Robbie, believes that Cal should get back together with Emily and dislikes David because he believes that his parents are soul mates the same way he and his babysitter Jessica are soul mates. only, Jessica is in love with Cal. nice 'no? so Cal seeks Jacob for advice on trying to win Emily back while Jacob asks Cal for advice on how to be a presentable boyfriend meeting Hannah's mother. who happens to be Emily. mas nice, 'no?

this movie may easily be an explanation of the theory of the six degrees of separation. from Kevin Bacon.

the movie is funny, smart and the twists were very much unexpected. but the underlying theme, which is love and fighting for it, that's what came out. Cal didn't approve of Jacob to be Hannah's boyfriend having seen him work the women in the bar at first but seeing how Hannah has changed him and how his son Robbie stopped believing in love, he worked on renewing Robbie's faith in love and reconnecting with Emily in the process. who says that love speeches are overrated? too bad not everyone who professes love in a public forum ends up living happily ever after. i had a smile on my face going out of the theater nonetheless. because we are all crazy. we are all stupid. we all love. and we all get a little crazy and stupid (some more stupid than others - yes, i am guilty!) when we love.