Monday, August 22, 2011

because in Glee, everyone's a winner


it came down to the final four. since they didn't know what to do, Ryan and Ian, creators of Glee, called back Lindsey, Sam, Alex and Damian to find out who would be the best person to create a character for in Glee Season 3. all the other nine contestants who didn't make it (or quit. remember Cameron quit?) were called back one last time to back them up, give them support as they performed for their lives to get a chance on the show.

i thought it was really sweet that Damian dedicated his last chance performance to Hannah and Cameron, his two best friends throughout this whole journey. you never know, but maybe Damian could be attracted to Hannah the way she is to him. we never really know what really happens in reality on reality TV so what was presented as a unilateral delusion may just as easily be a mutual understanding.

Cameron came back and as i said before, i love Sam. he's different and he projects himself to be wrapped up in his own world, despite being a Christian and stuff, but i don't know if Sam can portray the Christian character they say they need on Glee that Cameron actually is. i mean, being all that good and not having to be in the bottom three really bit his dreadlocked ass. it would be great to see how it all pans out for him, versatility-wise. after all, while they ask these kids to be themselves, to show their personality and their strengths and weaknesses, if the creators of Glee decide to write them up for something else, then they need not be themselves. they just need to sing and act and follow choreography. right?


so Damian and Sam won. Damian is just lovable and the one who had grown the most throughout the competition while Sam, like i said, has just been very good period, from a competition standpoint. Alex and Lindsay are given two-episode archs for season 3, which is like just setting them up to be an overbearing, more competitive fake Rachelle and an Afro-American Kurt. maybe for some weird reason they'll still manage to get Cameron, Hannah and Matheus and the rest of the Glee Project 1 hopefuls as extras for future shows so in actuality nobody really lost. Glee just had a pool of trainees to pick from. o di ba? after all, in Glee, losers win.