Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i felt like crying on every scene

finally, Ron and Hermione.

it makes me sad that after ten years, we have to say goodbye to these characters we've loved so dearly. some of you may have grown up with them and loved to read more about them. i know i did. sort of. sad. sad. sad.

i feel bad because i never got to see the first part of Harry Potter 7, The Deathly Hallows. it is pretty difficult to catch up on a series when you missed out on one.

but nothing makes me sadder than the fact that the journey has ended. we followed Harry Potter and his friends when he first found out that he was a wizard and we have been following him since. we followed both the books and the movies from start to finish. we waited for the books to come out to see what his new adventure would be and we waited for the movies to see if they are as great as we imagined them in our heads while reading the book. we were with Harry and his friends in all his triumphs and trials and as he grew up, we "grew" with him, even trying to imitate his accent and all.

we thought Harry was cute (i personally liked Ron and Draco, really, and the Weasley twins) and we all wished by the fourth book that he'd end up with Ginny. i always thought that Ron and Hermione were a great couple so when they kissed, it literally brought tears to my eyes.


i hope more books like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings come out, like The Chronicles of Narnia and Percy Jackson. books that encourage kids to believe in themselves no matter how different they are and to have faith and to rely on friends.

i know i have a lousy way of ending this. but maybe it's because i don't want it to end. it doesn't have to. just like any story, you pass it on to your kids and teach them the values that come from reading the book. or just reading per se. while i am fascinated by vampires, i would rather be a wizard than a girl torn between a corpse and an animal.