Tuesday, July 26, 2011

boot camp on being slushied

i'm a big fan of reality shows. while i am aware that not all of them are real, the idea of cameras following your every move, being able to talk to a confessional booth about someone or something, has amazed me. not that i'm narcissistic. i just find it interesting what people will do to be famous.

i blog but i don't think i need that much attention. the thought has occurred to me. it would be nice if a camera followed me wherever i went. i would just watch gigs every chance i get to promote the independent music scene here in the PHL. i'd fly out to the provinces to promote the culture we have, not just the beaches, but our history, being a Spanish colony before and all. yes, yes, if i became a reality show star, i would be the ambassador of tourism for Manila, Philippines. the things, places, people i can feature and write about! i don't have a love life so that's the best i can come up with.


Glee producers have jumped on the bandwagon of star-making via reality TV and came up with a show called the Glee Project. it features the best twelve of all the people who have submitted demos, videos, letters from all of the US who want to be a part of the Glee phenomenon.


the show is very engaging. i look forward to seeing who will get the seven-episode bit on Glee. after all, the cast will "graduate" soon.


Hannah is one of my favorites because she doesn't try too hard to be someone she's not. you can see that she's struggling with some of the challenges but she doesn't lose her heart because you can feel that she's in there to win it just like everyone else. she's the total opposite of Ashley Fink's character, Lauren Zizes, in Glee. while Lauren is very much confident with herself and her sexuality, Hannah is awkward. she could very much play Lauren's younger sister or cousin who moved to McKinley High.

Cameron (with glasses), Damian (shocked Irish look) and Sam (dreadlocks)

of course, i'm a big fan of the boys. the New Directions have too many girls (and gays, and lesbians!!!) and it would be nice if we could have someone just like Chord Overstreet's character, Sam. we need someone new, except that he is one who is there because he likes the music, not just because he wants to be a star. he doesn't have to get the girls but he has to be likeable.

Sam, Damian and Cameron all have distinct likeable lead male character qualities. Damian's the Irish boy who needs to fit in well in an American setting; Sam's the unique musician who gets all the ladies but is actually the mysterious one with a past and Cameron's the Christian schoolboy, very conservative and introverted but still very much talented. all, including Hannah, can be stars of Glee, for me. but then, i'm not Ryan Murphy. i don't call the shots.

so lately, this show has been one of my guilty pleasures. i love Glee. i love that they feature old as well as new songs on their repertoire. it makes me appreciate the crap on the radio as sometimes Lea Michele, et al singing it transforms the song into something really magical and memorable. it makes me glad that they introduced Fleetwood Mac to a younger generation (no, Gwyneth Paltrow is not the original singer of Landslide) of music lovers, those whose parents weren't flower children or freedom fighters. i love that Glee has opened doors to untapped talent via the Glee Project. sure, whoever the winner of the show is, will earn fame as a manufactured artist (didn't we say this about Rivermaya when they first started but we loved them anyway?), having been borne out of a reality show, but there are worst ways one can get fame. let's just be happy they didn't have to shed skin and be victims of child pornography to get there.