Monday, June 13, 2011

of mutant pride and eight-legged aliens who want to go home

it’s been a while since i last saw a movie so after watching over cheer dance practice i thought i’d ask a friend to go with me to watch X-Men: First Class.


when i saw that they were showing the X-Men prequel, i wanted so much to see it. of course, James McAvoy playing Charles Xavier was one of the factors but i was really interested to know how everything started. unlike most people who are big comic book fanatics, i only found out about them when the movies started coming out and i have to say that i really am fascinated. but unlike most people, i didn’t get to watch the movie until its second week. other than the fact that i’m so tired from work, being sorta behind everybody else was a little frustrating.

so the movie takes us to when Charles and Erik were still kids, teenagers. they’re starting to discover their powers and abilities and other people like them. while Erik spent most of his life fighting for survival, being Jewish during the Nazi invasion, Charles had it relatively easy. he and Moira (Mystique) had been friends even before he and Erik had been friends. when the movies came out, we always thought that Mystique was Erik’s right hand but she was actually Charles’s best friend who was probably even secretly in love with him at the time. the movie shows how Erik met Charles and how their great friendship started. how Charles had a way of calming Erik, taking away his anger (i know i am making their friendship sound a little gay, but not intentionally) and making him use his power to the full potential and learning how to manipulate it, without needing to be angry all the time. they found others just like them and trained them how to control their powers instead of the other way around.

but it was also the time of wars. it was the time when the war had just ended and all the countries were trying to make peace so understanding mutants were last on the list of priorities. and you know how man is, always hating, always fighting what they cannot understand, making it more difficult for mutants to blend in.

the movie is great and i don't understand why i waited so long to watch it.


Super 8 is the new movie from producer/director Steven Spielberg. it’s about a bunch of teenagers trying to film their own zombie movie in the town of Lily, Ohio.

i zoned off for a while.

then i suddenly understand the story. the alien has been in the planet for a while but since we humans like to do experiments, it didn't have enough to leave the planet. so it was trying its best to get all that it can to make another spaceship while the military is trying its best to keep the information from the people and stop it from leaving at the same time. everyone was confused except for the kids, especially the sheriff's son, who wanted to go to the bottom of this and save his crush.

it reminded me of E.T. because all it wanted was to go home while a bunch of kids wanted to keep him as a house pet. the kids of Super 8 didn't really want a house pet, they just wanted to make a zombie movie and be accepted by their crush.

in the end, the alien gets to go home and the teenagers finish their movie about zombies.


mutants. aliens. humans. it all boils down to acceptance. unless you learn to accept who you are, you won't be able to get people to accept you. more often than not, people won't take the time to try to understand you. they will understand what they want to understand. that's where the conflict starts. whether it's humans against mutants or humans against aliens or even humans against humans, if we don't try to understand the other side, there will always be misunderstanding that will lead to battles, wars and casualties.

it always helps to be a little open.