Sunday, June 12, 2011

i don't need to be an english major to do this - i don't even have to have any training background

so i have been sending out applications within and outside of the company i'm currently working for because i want to be able to do something different, if not move to a different working environment. it is difficult to move to something else, especially if you've been awesome at what you do, people don't really want you to do something else or go anywhere else. that or people think that that's the only thing you can do even if your education or capabilities speak otherwise.

case in point was an application i sent internally. the position was for an English Communications Officer. this was going to be that part of the training department that makes sure that you speak well to your customers and there is no language barrier between you. so i thought i'd take a shot at it since i do have exceptional written and communication skills (if in doubt, i ask my two American bosses), and while i haven't really taught other people in a classroom setting, i have been a mentor before. so you can just imagine how pissed i was when one of the people from this department who doesn't know how to construct her sentences right, sends me an email telling me that i need a background in training in order to apply for the job.


for starters, her boss already responded to me, politely. her boss didn't shut me but she told me that the one other position i wanted to apply for really needed training experience. fine, i get THAT. but the other position doesn't necessarily need it. i know they're just pooling right now. but you know. besides, didn't all trainers start from nothing except their product knowledge before they became trainers? don't all team leaders all start from being agents until they are given the opportunity to step up and lead other people?

if we're going to turn down everyone just because they don't have this or they don't have that before we even see what they can do, or what they have in them then we will never develop as a country, as a people, as human beings. shouldn't we give people a chance before we even judge them? if you're going to shoot me down before giving me a chance when you don't even call the shots, and this is considering that you and i are both from the same company before these people bought us, then you are no different from them who are part of this company that bought us who don't like us just because they think they're better than we are.

and, hello?! this may be bad of me to say, but since you pissed me off too badly because of what you said, which even if i think about it, like maybe you just made a mistake in saying it, so i shouldn't be mad at you. but you did mean it, and not because you just don't really know how to express yourself in english properly because otherwise, you wouldn't find it necessary to add the smiley face after saying that i needed training background to apply for this joint. then why the hell can't you deliver the people that we need for our operations ramps? why do you keep losing all the papers that i forward to you?

i don't want to be mean. i am rarely mean and even if i was, i feel about it afterwards. call me bitter and yeah, it will take a while for me to get over it. i can forgive what she said but not right now. and i feel horrible that i feel this way because i wouldn't last in a job where i report directly to an American boss, talk to numerous foreign clients, and send correspondence in english if i didn't think i was going to be good at it to actually apply for this other role. so telling me i need to be a trainer first so you won't interview me or give me a chance to apply for a role really pisses me off.

that's it. i'm done venting. still mad but it's not like i'm going to annihilate the person when i see her at work. i just feel really bad that there are actually people that insensitive.