Monday, May 16, 2011

we are all Survivor contestants


i've been a fan of Survivor for as long as i can remember. i'm not as hooked to it as i was before. i never realized that in the course of eleven years, Survivor is already on its twenty-second season. on his fourth attempt, Rob Mariano finally won Survivor.

Rob has been a very colorful personality on Survivor. i saw him at Marquesas and at the All-Stars series, where he met and lost to his now-wife Amber. it was a great move, what he did, proposing marriage to her, right before the results.

being a fan, i know that people join the show so they can either be famous or rich, since there is a million dollars at stake. people go to great lengths just to be able to join the show because they think that that amount of money can change their life. you don't win, you get to be popular and it all depends on you how you utilize those fifteen minutes of fame. nobody ever joins Survivor just so they can learn something about themselves. i guess i'm just pissed off as to how people in the jury, who have the power to award someone the million dollars have this holier-than-thou attitude, saying that they still have their dignity and they didn't compromise their principles just to get ahead of the game. it's their right, i mean, i can't blame them for being bitter, having been voted off and not winning the money. but them saying that they still have their principles, that's bullshit. they would've done the same thing when it all comes down.

Rob won because he had the best game. he and everybody else who wins a million dollars on that show, at some point, had to ride on
somebody's coattails, had to manipulate other people into voting somebody off to get further. that he beat otherpeople to it doesn't necessarily follow he's a scheming son of a bitch in real life. it only means that he's smarter in the game than everybody else.

we're all Survivor contestants. we try to survive the traffic, the heat, the dirty politics, the poverty. we all at some point manipulate other people or let other people manipulate us just to get a little bit ahead in life. we have a little bit of Rob in all of us, whether we admit it or not. we're just all too ashamed to come to terms with it. Rob in Survivor is the little evil in all of us.