Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what do you mean i can't ask them those questions?!

this morning i was part of the team that covered the tenth year anniversary of one radio station in our company. ours was the eighth of the ten call centers they were visiting as a way of celebrating their ten years in the business.

i don't particularly like the music they play at that station but i welcomed the opportunity to write about something as i hadn't in a while. besides, i always thought that the test of a good music lover was to always be open to all types of music, regardless of what you preferred to listen to and be able to appreciate it. the test of a good writer, i also thought, was that, you don't necessarily have to like what you write about. you just have to write. so today i tried to do both.

we were treated to free coffee and doughnuts. i even got a free cd and tickets to a movie. there's even this weird and funny story to the movie tickets. they were playing a game of bring me this and that and for every item to bring to DJ Jada, you were going to get tickets to the premiere of a movie starring Reese Witherspoon and the guy who played Cedric Diggory and more popularly, Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson. so of course, i didn't want to bring anything to the DJ. i love Robert, i'm into Brit guys, remember? i just don't like Twilight.

anyways, DJ Jada asks if anyone has a printed picture from the photo wall. which i have. so, even if i don't really like the movie i ran, and gave her my picture. i gave the movie tickets away to somebody else who might appreciate it more.

prior to today, we were asked to submit questions about the anniversary and the radio station, and since i was the radio station groupie (i will only admit to being a groupie to a radio station but not a band nyahaha), i prepared some of the questions in addition to the one prepared by our writers' guild POC. but they censored us. those were really interesting questions, apart from the regular how-did-you-start-in-radio and what-kind-of-music-do-you-like, both listen to and play. it's just disappointing considering radio and writing - these are media that proves we are now in the era of free speech, we've already gone past that stage where we hide because we're afraid that expression will mean our death.

i understand that that anniversary is not just for the benefit of the agents. well, it is, that's why they're celebrating it in our center. and i know that even if we were asked to write about the event and interview them, we were supposed to make it in such a way that the people "upstairs" will appreciate. it is still a company with policies after all. it just makes me sad.


i am glad that like me, DJ Jada is also into rock music and shares my sadness over the reformatting of NU107 to, well, like every other crappy station on air right now.

it really needs to change, you know. there are a lot of class c and class d people out there and it's not our fault the government would rather keep our money in their pockets to send their kids to posh schools instead of educating everybody else. it's very depressing that what we hear on air makes up and represents what we are as a people. so many people fought and died to make this right available to all. the least we could do is not let them die in vain by playing crappy music on air with crappy DJs who hit on everyone who calls them on the radio.

of course you have to cater to a wider scope of the market. of course you have to level yourself with that of your listening public. but isn't it also YOUR responsibility to uplift them?


i got this really nice picture of myself, though.  too bad they wouldn't let me keep the jacket.  i look so hot in it.

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