Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rio: romance according to Lionel Richie


we saw the movie Rio today. it was very funny and colorful. my eyes hurt a bit, watching it in 3D, since there was so much color, but i enjoyed it.

Rio is the story of a Spix's macau named Blu, who as a young bird got taken out of captivity to be sold in the black market before he could learn how to fly. he gets adopted by a young girl, Linda, who keeps him to be her pet for the next fifteen years. Blu gets discovered by a Brazilian ornithologist, Tulio, who says that Blu needs to made with a female in order to preserve their specie. The female Spix's macau, Jewel, isn't too keen about the idea since she longs to escape to go back to the jungle. if she were a human being, she would be a strong-willed woman who doesn't need a man to give her strength and make her feel complete, so she kinda bullies Blu because she wants to escape. they get kidnapped by a bunch of smugglers and a sulphur-crested cockatoo, Nigel. they can't fly away since Blu doesn't know how to and they are chained together.

anyway, they eventually get reunited with each other (i obviously skipped a lot on the story telling - which means you should just go see it), Blu learns to fly, he saves Jewel, Tulio and Linda hook up. everybody lives happily ever after.


Lionel Richie was a very big hit in the 70s and early 80s, having started with the Commodores and later on launching a solo career. some of his more memorable songs (most of which are just one-word titles) are Still (a ditty about a guy who can't get over his ex), Truly (the soundtrack to the early relationship between Gabby Concepcion and Janice De Belen before Gabby met Shawie), Three Times a Lady, All Night Long, The Only One and the overly used stalker song to woo women, Hello. strangely enough, the producers of the movie Rio used the song Say You, Say Me, also the song used for the movie White Nights. i can't recall what the lyrics are to the song, but the whole melody is very production number-ish, which is why it is so apt for the movie White Nights. i think that movie was a about a defecting ballet dancer. i can't remember anymore, it was a long time ago.

anyway, his songs, most of which are getting overused and rehashed by a bunch of newbies who want to get their fifteen minutes of fame, as Tulio from the movie Rio said, are really romantic. you can learn a lot about how to woo a woman (or stalk her, go figure) just by listening to his songs. nobody feels that passionately about love anymore to write that way, or if they are, the guys aren't singing to women anymore. they're singing to their fellow men.

i enjoyed the movie Rio immensely, especially because i watched it while two of my friends were having a spat at the time so the movie was a welcome relief and because it reminded me of the following:
1) there are too many independent women in the world but not too many men to step to their level. maybe there are men, we just haven't found them yet because they don't know how to fly;
2) i know now why my dad used to like Lionel Richie - seeing the movie sort of gave me better appreciation of the songs; and
3) we should not smuggle birds or cut down trees, which is their natural habitat. bad things happen to the weather.