Monday, April 04, 2011

they made it vig in my heart


my friends and i went over the very-hard-to-find PETA theater to watch the musical Care Divas.  turns out, it's not that hard to find, after all. 

Care Divas is the story of five gay caregivers who moonlight as musical entertainers in the land of Israel. some of them lucky to have employers who care for them back but they live their lives mostly in fear, if not sadness or rejection. not only is it hard taking care of someone not your own flesh and blood, but you are always lonesome for the people who more often than not are just after the money you send them.

the music is really good and the story is sad but relevant. it shows how hard life can be living in another country, regardless of your sexual orientation. it shows that wherever you are, whoever and whatever you may be, we all want to be able to do something we love to do and earn money out of it so it doesn’t feel like working; we all just want to be loved.

my favorite characters are Chelsea (played magnificently by Melvin Lee) and Kayla (please be straight, Jerald Napoles). Chelsea is the light of the group, always smiling, always seeing the good things in life despite the hardships in the Middle East. he has had the good fortune of working for an old man who is not only kind to him as an employer, but acts as a teacher, guide, father. the old man even lets him off early so he can practice performing with his friends. Kayla, on the other hand, did not have a similar fate. after his contract ended with his former employer, he is forced to work as a domestic helper/caregiver since his new employer refuses to give him a formal contract. he always has to watch his back during curfew for fear of being caught until he finally gets deported.

me with stud muffin Jerald as Kayla

there are also the petty things that they deal with, like who gets to sing the lead part, what name to use as a group, who has a boyfriend. it just shows that wherever they may be, they always still feel the fear of being rejected for not being fully a woman. sometimes they feel more comfortable, more accepted in the foreign land than they do in their own country. and they miss home. all the difficulties, the fear, the pain, the cruelty, they endure just so they can send money back home. what’s sad is that, not all of us care here back home, we are only after the money.

aside from the star-studded audience and the really funny quips, the matinee show was very interesting. i hope to see it again.