Monday, March 14, 2011

vack with a vengeance

i was both excited and apprehensive for yesterday. i wasn't sure it would turn out well. but i'm glad it did. see, i CAN make my worlds meet.

it was probably around four years ago (maybe more) when Zsa Zsa Zaturnah, the comic book, came out. it has been made into a movie and into a musical. we saw the musical yesterday.


i remember reading the comic book and not wanting to put it down. it was so honest and funny and it was nothing i have ever read before. i almost missed my stop twice. people were giving me looks as i laughed to myself while reading it.

the show is no different from the book. in fact, it's how i imagined it to be when i first read the book and more. it was hilarious. i couldn't stop laughing. i had so much fun watching it. the music was fun to listen to and the actors were all great. i never thought Eula Valdez could sing like that and well, i was hoping to see Arnold Reyes as Dodong but Red Anderson was a passable understudy for him. while he wasn't exactly fabulous, singing-wise, his abs more than made up for him relying on his DNA. there was also one guy from the ensemble who was really cute. i think i will watch Noli Me Tangere in August just to see how good an actor he is.

the show-stealer was Nar Cabico, who played Didi, hands down. he was wonderful as Ernst in Spring Awakening, but here in Zsazsa, he is AH-MAY-ZING!

i look forward to the next chapter of Ada and Dodong's life in Manila. it has long been overdue but seeing the musical reminded us how much we loved the first book and why we patiently anticipate the next.

ok pala na me load ako pag weekend eh. you text me, i text you. we have a conversation. it's nice when you have friends who check on you. while you're with your other friends. it's nice having someone look after you. someone who watches your back. i'm glad you do. i'm glad it's you.