Wednesday, March 16, 2011

am i reverting?

i just started training today and somebody caught my eye. she is really pretty and very funny too.

i am attracted to her but i think she's already taken. she even looks familiar, i just can't remember where i saw her.

i am flattered that more and more people are following my blog but i'm afraid that they're following it for the wrong reasons. because if you're only reading this to get updates on my sorry excuse for a love life, you'll be very disappointed. I DON'T HAVE ONE.


i really am enjoying watching Glee more and more these days. for starters, Kurt has finally come out and has been kissed in this season. they have a football coach with very masculine features getting her first kiss. Puck has a healthy voluptuous woman as a girlfriend and Santana is a lesbian!

i loved their version of Landslide with Gwyneth Paltrow. i loved the part where she said that she didn't like labels. i loved the part where she realized that the reason she has been so angry is because she couldn't tell Brittany how much she loved her. i think this happens to everyone regardless of your race, religion or sexual orientation.

all this fascination for lesbians and the absence of a constant romantic male companion in my life has led me to ask myself if i would consider going back to that option instead. then i realized that i don't really go out anyway so regardless of what option i choose, i don't exactly really have an option.

i don't really mind if i end up with another lesbian or with an actual guy. i am alone right now, aren't i? i've gotten by. i will find that person someday and it will be wonderful.