Friday, February 11, 2011

sad sugar

let's just make it clear: according to their Facebook page (again, like i said, very powerful media that Facebook is), there is no bad blood among the members, but they are breaking up because their main songwriter and lead vocalist, Ebe Dancel is leaving the band to work on his solo career.

we've seen it before with Ely Buendia leaving the Eraserheads, Bamboo leaving Rivermaya (Bamboo, the band, recently disbanded as well) and then Rico Blanco leaving Rivermaya (let's face it, when Perf left the band, nobody noticed or gave a fuck) so we're sad when a band we love disbands.


i've loved listening to Sugarfree way back when M and i were still together and i appreciated their music even more when she and i broke up. their music is very relatable, emotional, without the cheesy aftertaste. it makes you feel that you're not alone, that you're not weird or strange or pathetic for feeling the loss of a loved one or owning up to loneliness since everybody else feels that way some time.

maybe the reason why people are so sad, when bands disband, is that they lose the opportunity to hear their favorite songs live again even when the pop radio stations play them and some stranger bastardizes it on local tv by covering it. sure Rico Blanco plays some of the songs he wrote when he was still with Rivermaya and Ely did some covers of their Eraserheads tunes but it disorients the people listening to them. we hope we can get our bands singing our favorite songs forever, not thinking that it may no longer be healthy for them to stay together and play it for us. they're just like your separated parents: you want them to stay together but they can't because they have to think about their own happiness too, not just yours.

Ebe is going to branch out and try something different. you would hope that instead of leaving, he can just do a side project so that Sugarfree doesn't need to break up. but sometimes they need to go on their own so that when they get back together, the songs are more meaningful and more memorable. hello, think The Dawn or Wolfgang or, of course, the Eraserheads. :)

the music will live on and the memories will still be there. but you just can't help but be sad.