Sunday, February 20, 2011

a new rock baby is born

we were outside Saguijo bar when i heard a familiar voice. it was too familiar, too special for me to ignore and i tried my best to look for where the voice came from. it was just right in front of the bar i was in. and then i saw him.

i love Francis Reyes too much not to recognize his voice.

it turns out that they have been streaming music through the internet and trying to pick up where NU107 left off. since the internet is more liberal compared to local commercial radio, it pretty much allows them to play whatever they want, with responsibility, of course. they play some of the classic rock tunes but they also want to be able to play some of the new stuff. we have to evolve after all. most of the last batch of DJs from NU107 are also there, because as Francis says, they just love the music and they're doing what they can to provide that to people.

i am very thankful to the fact that there are people out there who pooled their resources in order to make this possible. i am very thankful that there are rock enthusiasts who refuse to let go of our dream, our family. i am thankful we can hear the music again and there will be an avenue for those who are just starting out in the rock music industry again.

while i appreciate the station i'm listening to now (next to NU107, it is the only other station that plays rock music before it becomes mainstream), because it does have it own style of programming that is appealing to me, i kinda miss the people in NU. i can't be on the net all the time so it works.

it is always nice that we can find music that we like when we can, while we can. the internet allows us to do a great number of things. bringing us back rock music is one of those things. we have it on the market, on radio, on video, on TV. we have it on the net. i'm glad that we do. nothing beats that. something to fill the void we all felt that fateful day they shut down our favorite rock station.

i just like listening to Francis Reyes' voice.

check out for the latest and the greatest rock tunes played by your favorite rock jocks. it's not NU107. but it's close.