Sunday, February 06, 2011

never too late to be taken


when the song Uh-Oh first came out, i honestly thought it was done by a foreign rock band and when the NU DJ announced the name of the band who did it, i was amazed that Taken By Cars is a Filipino band. it is rock music you can dance to. cool, right?

a few months ago i watched them perform for the first time over at Saguijo and my first time to watch a gig in a long time and i was very much blown away. it didn’t matter that Sarah’s voice was a bit hoarse from a previous gig, or that i only know a total of three songs from the album (i didn’t have one at the time yet, and i might have heard the other songs before, i just didn’t know their titles for me to shout them out), i was just having the most fun watching them.

i got the album a few more weeks later, and i’m loving it immensely. i listen to it all the time while working as it has its way of lifting you up and making you want to dance. it makes you proud you are Pinoy and they are Pinoy and the music is great. their live performances are so intense, it takes you to a totally different experience, as if in a trance.

i always said i was a late bloomer. nothing wrong there. all that matters is the music.