Sunday, February 13, 2011

i still love Rico Blanco

this is what happens when you are awake for more than twenty-four hours. you want to do so many things, you HAVE to finish so many things, but there isn't enough time to do them.

i also want to change my status and tell people that i'm not on the family way. not yet anyway. but then it would take more time to explain why i did that. it was fun to do. i had a great time leading people on and making fun of their reactions (i was really sad that i had to break it to Trina that i wasn't really pregnant, she looked so excited for me. bet if i really had a kid, she would spoil that creature to bits), we had a great laugh over it. but it looks like there are gullible people out there who were concerned and i have to disappoint or humor them, as the case may be. either way, i don't know how to fix this. too bad i don't have broadband internet to make a webcast like that girl in the movie Easy A.

yesterday after shift i went with my friend to the mall to have her drug test. apparently, it is a requirement before she can start training for this account where she will be transferring. we had coffee and a few cigarettes before she headed home and i boarded the train.

when i got on the train, i received a phone call from another friend asking me to watch a movie with them when i got off the MRT.

Tangled is a retelling of the story of Rapunzel and features the voices of Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore (as Rapunzel) and Donna Murphy. the story begins with the queen having difficulty giving birth and had all the members of the castle looking for a rare powerful flower that has a special healing power. however, it was found and hidden by a wicked witch who wanted to use it to keep her youth. they eventually found the flower and used it to save the queen and her unborn baby, beautiful little princess. as a celebration of the birth of the princess and her health, the king and queen lit a lantern and set it off into the air. the witch found out about the princess and came in the night to steal the precious hair of the princess but when she cut it, it would turn brown and lose its power. so she she ran off with the baby girl, and hid her in a tower where she grew her long blond hair, kept her as her own but used the power of her hair to keep her young.

years later, a thief who stole the lost princess' crown finds his way to the tower while hiding from the castle guards and he is captured by Rapunzel. she wanted to use him as a reason for the witch to let her out of the tower and see the lighted lanterns for her birthday, as proof that she can take care of herself. but since her "mother" wouldn't let her, she devised a way for her to be gone for days in order for her to escape with the thief to see the lights. on their way back to the castle they develop a friendship, a romance. Eugene (Flynn Rider, Zach's character) realizes that he doesn't need all the money in the world or live in a castle. he just wants to be with Rapunzel.

Rapunzel finds out that the woman she's been living with is not really her mother all along and that she is actually the long lost princess that everyone is looking for and then she and Eugene live happily ever after.

i hang out with my friends some more, even tried on a few clothes for them to judge before meeting with another friend for a gig of two of my favorite bands, Imago and Rico Blanco's band. the third band, Callalily, i'm not too familiar with, but their vocalist Kean, i have a crush on.

the gig turned out to be a promotional tour for a beer they're trying to repackage and sell to people even if there is already a favorite.

we arrived just in time for Imago to start. i was really happy that i got to see them because it's been a while since i last saw them live. i think that was months ago, over at Route 196, with Nix Puno (drool, drool) sessioned for Myrene. people only knew a few of their songs and they sang along with the ones they knew. i loved all of their songs :)

i was surprised that Rico Blanco came in next. i was expecting him to go last since he had the most experience, he was the most talented (let's face it, he has moved on to TV acting but ) and to my mind, the most popular. he did songs from his solo effort and some Rivermaya songs. he would mash up a classic before bursting into a Rivermaya or Rico Blanco song. mash ups have become really popular because of the show Glee but Rico Blanco, along with other local artists have been doing that in their gigs, especially the big ones. i think i remember a concert featuring Rivermaya and Slapshock a few years back and Rico doing this to one of them songs i can't remember right now. but it's so cool. entertaining too.

he may be all things considered as selling out: acting on local TV after going solo, going out with a famous daughter of two big actors, doing jingles, going to the gym, but we cannot deny the fact that Rico Blanco (with or without Rivermaya) has written and brought to us the music that we have loved for the better part of the 90s and the early 2000s. what he has done with this career, with the band or as a solo artist. doesn't change the fact that he's brilliant or that we love whatever he puts out there. because it is good.

i still love Rico Blanco. i may not be as hardcore a fan as some of you are but i support him when i can. i don't agree with everything either but i respect greatness. and Rico Blanco, his music, is great.

kean. kean. kean. you're cute. i love the song Stars. that's it. my friend and i got tired and went home. maybe next time.