Tuesday, February 01, 2011

angry girl journal 01.31.2011

wi-fi has the tendency to destroy friendships. along with other gadgets, it is one of the best things to ever be thought of by an individual, but it is also an anti-social tool.

i have always been a loner. i like reading, writing, watching tv and doing other things that you can do without a companion. i'm pretty self-sufficient and can go for days without having to talk to anyone. i got training, being an only child; not to mention i have been single for seven years now. i'm very independent and have been used to living alone, being alone, doing things on my own.

i have lots of friends who care about me and look out for me even when they're not with me. some of them i don't see very often as i'd like so i make it a point that when i'm with them, to be in the moment. i give them my full and undivided attention. life is too short to be distracted. you never know when the moment might pass you by.

it pisses me off when i'm with my friends and they are texting, taking a long time on a phone call, listening to a song on their headphones, checking email, or playing a game while with me. i am guilty of this too, and i even forget to excuse myself sometimes, especially when i get an important call. i have somehow mastered the art of texting and still be able to pay attention to the person sitting right in front of me (which is why i'm not getting a phone with a QWERTY keypad) because it is rude to be on the phone, or any other gadget for that matter, all the time when you're with someone.

i really value my alone time, off work and without friends. it allows me to think and i value the time i have with my friends too. but when they're too preoccupied with their gadgets and make no conscious effort to pay attention to me when i'm with them, it makes me want to leave and walk out. or not talk to that person. i mean, if i wanted to not talk, i wouldn't have left the house. at least, alone, i can read, or sleep.

you can say that being with a friend with a gadget is better than a self-absorbed person who talks about themselves all the time. i honestly don't know what the lesser evil is. i just know that it's irritating me. how would you feel if you were so enthusiastic about something and the person you are with is not responding to you, or worse, if you feel bad, that person reacts differently because he is really not paying the least attention? something like, you were on the verge of breaking down but he/she gets a high score on the game being played on the gadget that instead of feeling emphatic, that person rejoices. kinda rude, isn't it? the person is only with you physically but he really is not there.

i don't lose respect for people with gadgets. i have gadgets too. we all work hard to be able to get the gadgets we want. whatever new thing we discover with our gadgets, we share with our friends and with other people. it shouldn't be the reason why we lose our friends. gadgets are great. technology is great. they make your life a little more convenient. but they shouldn't shut you out from the world.

it's just like a dildo. it's useful, but nothing beats actual human contact.