Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kato is the real hero of this movie for me


whenever i think of The Green Hornet, i don’t remember the American who played the title role but i remember Bruce Lee. Lee played the role of The Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Kato mostly did all the work – he beat up all the bad guys and drove the really cool car at the time. i don’t even remember what the story was about but that Green Hornet took mostly all the credit, said some really lame lines and then he supposedly saves the day. i feel the same way about the movie shown recently in Manila, except that, Seth Rogen is hilarious and for an ass, this Green Hornet is actually lovable. BUT I LOVE KATO.


Jay Chou, the guy who plays this Kato, is soooo HOT. He is cute, funny, sensitive, smart and best of all, he has the moves. at first, i thought it was John Cho so i got disoriented for a while, but i saw that it was a totally different guy who's just as hot the one i was thinking of. but anyway, i digress. Jay Chou reminds me of how cute and funny Bruce Lee was years ago as Kato. he complements this Green Hornet, who at first takes him for granted (when you wake up to really great coffee in the morning, you miss it when it’s gone), doesn’t give him any credit and even rivals him for Lenore’s (played by Cameron Diaz - slightly older but still hot) affections. plus i get a better understanding of what the Green Hornet is about.

for those who don’t know like myself: The Green Hornet, like Batman, doesn’t have any special powers, except that he was born into a rich family. his father was this big head of the newspaper in the city and they never really saw each other since daddy drowned himself with work after mommy died. he stopped trying to be a good son since nothing he ever did seemed to be good enough. spoiled ass. he fires their mechanic, Kato, who makes great coffee. when he realizes how talented Kato is, he decides to keep him as his executive associate.

can i just say real quick that Edward Furlong has gotten soooo ugly? whatever happened to that cute little kid that made us cry in Terminator 2? last i saw him was in the CSI: NY as the villain and my, can you say washed up actor?


so anyway, at first he starts out like a real ass because he just wanted to create hype about The Green Hornet and uses the paper instead of reporting real news. he also hits on the temp secretary, a really good journalist and he just takes Kato for granted. he doesn't have a viable plan as to how to stop the crime going on, he just wants to be famous. The Green Hornet got so famous to the point that he pissed off the district attorney and the leader of all the crime gangs in the city. Brit/GH didn't realize the gravity of the situation so he and Kato fight and argue but then he finds out how his father really died and he realizes that the paper isn't just about sensationalism but responsible journalism.

Seth Rogen pulled this one off as writer, producer and actor, playing the lead of the movie. Jay Chou complemented him and Cameron Diaz is just amazing. it's a good movie. my friends and i just couldn't stop laughing. i think we were the noisiest in the theater.