Monday, January 24, 2011

wining (not whining!) and dining


My boss and I, along with a few friends, went out for a seven-course dinner at the Wine Depot a few hours earlier tonight. It was my first time to do that. My boss Tina and my friend Luzille are wine drinkers and they go to wine tasting events every now and then. Luzille even gave me a book about wines when she came back from Las Vegas. It would’ve been helpful for this dinner, if I read it. I wanted to, I just didn’t have the time to read it. That, and I forgot to bring it home.

first course

second course

third course

fourth course

I don't have a picture of the fifth course because we gobbled all of it before anyone can take a picture. portobellos are sooo delicious.

sixth course

Dessert was pear with brie and vanilla. We were so stuffed to take pictures.

Anyway, it was a very wonderful experience. The sixth course, the steak, was enough to feed me for the next two days. Plus I learned to appreciate wine, not just the sweet dessert wines that you can buy from the convenience store, but real wine to go with your food. Wine has more alcoholic content than beer, but it is far healthier for you to drink. There’s an initial kick that goes with it, but then afterwards, your head’s in a breeze.

I could get used to this. Getting all made up and dressed up for a dinner. I was a girly-girl tonight. Drinking wine. And I got to go out with good friends.

It's also nice to write about positive things for a change. HA!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kato is the real hero of this movie for me


whenever i think of The Green Hornet, i don’t remember the American who played the title role but i remember Bruce Lee. Lee played the role of The Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Kato mostly did all the work – he beat up all the bad guys and drove the really cool car at the time. i don’t even remember what the story was about but that Green Hornet took mostly all the credit, said some really lame lines and then he supposedly saves the day. i feel the same way about the movie shown recently in Manila, except that, Seth Rogen is hilarious and for an ass, this Green Hornet is actually lovable. BUT I LOVE KATO.


Jay Chou, the guy who plays this Kato, is soooo HOT. He is cute, funny, sensitive, smart and best of all, he has the moves. at first, i thought it was John Cho so i got disoriented for a while, but i saw that it was a totally different guy who's just as hot the one i was thinking of. but anyway, i digress. Jay Chou reminds me of how cute and funny Bruce Lee was years ago as Kato. he complements this Green Hornet, who at first takes him for granted (when you wake up to really great coffee in the morning, you miss it when it’s gone), doesn’t give him any credit and even rivals him for Lenore’s (played by Cameron Diaz - slightly older but still hot) affections. plus i get a better understanding of what the Green Hornet is about.

for those who don’t know like myself: The Green Hornet, like Batman, doesn’t have any special powers, except that he was born into a rich family. his father was this big head of the newspaper in the city and they never really saw each other since daddy drowned himself with work after mommy died. he stopped trying to be a good son since nothing he ever did seemed to be good enough. spoiled ass. he fires their mechanic, Kato, who makes great coffee. when he realizes how talented Kato is, he decides to keep him as his executive associate.

can i just say real quick that Edward Furlong has gotten soooo ugly? whatever happened to that cute little kid that made us cry in Terminator 2? last i saw him was in the CSI: NY as the villain and my, can you say washed up actor?


so anyway, at first he starts out like a real ass because he just wanted to create hype about The Green Hornet and uses the paper instead of reporting real news. he also hits on the temp secretary, a really good journalist and he just takes Kato for granted. he doesn't have a viable plan as to how to stop the crime going on, he just wants to be famous. The Green Hornet got so famous to the point that he pissed off the district attorney and the leader of all the crime gangs in the city. Brit/GH didn't realize the gravity of the situation so he and Kato fight and argue but then he finds out how his father really died and he realizes that the paper isn't just about sensationalism but responsible journalism.

Seth Rogen pulled this one off as writer, producer and actor, playing the lead of the movie. Jay Chou complemented him and Cameron Diaz is just amazing. it's a good movie. my friends and i just couldn't stop laughing. i think we were the noisiest in the theater.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John Lloyd Cruz is evil


while waiting for the mall to open so i can do my grocery shopping, my friends and i watched the Filipino version of the romantic comedy entitled My Amnesia Girl. i don’t particularly like watching films from the big studios because they’re very unrealistic and they capitalize on our socially ignorant society in order to make money. this was one such commercial film. it gives women the false hope that there is some guy out there who’s attractive, sweet, independent and intelligent who will re-enact their first up to their twenty-eighth birthdays in the pursuit of true love and happiness. it gives women the false hope that men sit down and drink and talk about how to please women, win them over and prove to them that they are the only one. when two or more boys get together to drink, they’re not crying, staring into nothing and restless talking about love. they talk about sex. when a group of guys do talk about love that way, they’re all gay. if they’re straight, they’re most likely not talking about you.

John Lloyd is the hottest thing to hit the movie screen right now. no offense to Diether Ocampo, Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual and their fans. John Lloyd is the boy-next-door. he’s the guy you want singing Smokey Mountain’s Kailan to you while waiting for it to rain. he’s the guy you want moping after you when he sees you with another guy the first or second month after you break up. he’s the guy you want your mother to meet as your boyfriend when you come out to her. he’s the guy you want to be the one to put post it notes all over your house with cheesy pick up lines written on them just to show you how much he loves you. but not all guys are John Lloyd. the pretty ones like him are either taken, gay or running after women with legs like that of Toni Gonzaga’s or facial features of Bea Alonso. if you’re funny, you sing very well and you’re a doormat long enough like Sarah Geronimo’s character in that rain maker of a movie, you just might get a guy who looks like John Lloyd. sadly,  we’re all not that blessed.


My Amnesia Girl (as if you didn’t know) is about Apollo, an independent good looking guy running his own sales firm who has been a bachelor for too long. on the wedding of one of his pals, they look back on all the girls he’s dated in the past and come across the memory of his first love, a photographer named Irene, whom he referred to as the woman who would most likely make fertilizer out of him. enter really really really really cheesy lines. i mean REALLY CHEESY THAT HEARING THEM MAKES ME LACTOSE INTOLERANT. they’re funny and most people, men and women alike, are stupid enough to use them as pick up lines.  yes, they actually work on most people, when they should be more like Anne Hathaway’s character in Love and Other Drugs (i will watch that – she reunites with Jake Gyllenhaal who was her boyfriend in Brokeback Mountain) whose trailer i saw this morning as well. he walks up to her and says, you’re really pretty when you smile” (hmmm . . . where have i heard this before?) and she answers, “is that the best you got?” feisty. should’ve seen that bleeping trailer much earlier and might have given a better response when that line was used on me.

anyway, i digress. after exchanging really cheesy pick up lines, Apollo and Irene eventually become serious, like he asks her to marry him serious. she asks him to repeat the question after she gargles because she says she forgets (because she is either deaf or wants to make sure he is really popping the big question women would die to hear from John Lloyd or some bastard they’re pining over) and he tells her this big sob story about how his mother ties dental floss on his finger (he ties it where the engagement ring is supposed to be) so that he won’t forget. he asks her again so she doesn’t forget. but then he turns out to be an ass and leaves her at the altar. damnit, just one look at her and he bails. talk about runaway groom. she waits for him for days but he never comes back. they see each other at the grocery and she pretends to have amnesia so she’ll have an excuse to not know who he is. he tries to win her over. he does. he asks her to marry him again. WHILE INSIDE THE REALLY CROWDED MRT TRAIN. when he realizes that she was lying all along about the amnesia he gets mad at her. jerk. they miss each other, they promise to start over and meet. he gets into a car accident and has the real amnesia. how's that for an ending?

of course, my companions were making fun of me as i cried while watching the movie. THIS IS THE REASON I DON'T LIKE WATCHING LOCAL FILMS: THEY'RE NOT REAL. JOHN LLOYD IS NOT REAL. there is no way in hell there is an actual straight man that is as sweet as that. he is a great actor because he is able to make us believe that there are guys out there who would willingly stalk you just to win you back. DOESN'T HAPPEN. remember the movie He's Just Not That Into You? that movie, you should watch. most of us women, are the general rule, and rarely the exception.

again, that's why i don't like local movies. they lead you on. they just give you the false impression that true love will prevail in the end. John Lloyd makes money by giving you the fantasy that it does. true love does not exist. forever has an expiration date.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Tourist: cunning, funny.

 photo thetourist_zps45c02d10.jpg

and why not that face? it's Johnny Depp. it's been years since we saw him at 21 Jumpstreet but he still has the features that can make any woman salivate. i know i do. i still do.

the world is cruel to an ugly face. you don't touch that face. that's why Angelina Jolie is Angelina Jolie. as they say, do whatever you want and the right guy will follow you. that's why she's married to Brad Pitt and we are not.

i'm glad the Manila film festival is over. my apologies to those who are big followers of the local movie scene, it's just that if it's not indie, i'm not watching it. true, the local movies are improving. Rosario is proof of that, not to mention, not all indie films are about violence, sex and gay people.

 photo The-Tourist-Movie-Review.jpg

The Tourist is about an undercover agent tasked to bring in a wanted fugitive for fraud. her boyfriend, the fugitive, asks her to pick out a random person of the same built on the train to Venice in order to throw off the policemen on his trail. she picks out a Math teacher from Wisconsin who is mistaken by a mafia head also on the fugitive boyfriend's trail for money laundered as the real Alexander Pearce.

do people really fall in love that fast? i've been riding the train every day for the last five years and have nothing to show for. of course, Johnny Depp does not ride the MRT. neither does Paul Bettany.

the ending was predictable, but the movie as a whole, was funny, cunning, and very engaging. of course, it helps that the stars are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, supported by the very very hot Paul Bettany and former Bond actor Timothy Dalton. because all movies, at the end of the day, are really sappy love stories.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

avoiding awkward moment number something something

get over yourself. there are other factors at work here, some even bigger than yourself. you have to open your brain to the idea that it's not just about you or me. when will you ever learn?

let's face it: PEOPLE DON'T LIKE YOU. they hate you more than they hate me. that's a fact. it doesn't help that you're an ass with this whole devil-may-care attitude. you're stubborn, you're impulsive and when you think you're right, even when you're wrong, you assert yourself. that's why we get along. that's also why we argue. that's also why other people don't like you, despite your best efforts - your failure to see the bigger picture.

i'd like to think that after all this time, you've learned something, as i'd like to think i'm learning something. it doesn't help that people still hate us for it, it just means that we're both learning from each other. there's also the fact that people might not have the same appreciation for you as i have. no matter what i do, or say, it doesn't change that. people have their own perception of you and even if you prove them wrong, they will always think about what you've done wrong.

i know it's not about me. i know i shouldn't be there. if there was any better time to be away from you, it was now. after all,you weren't talking to anyone anyway. but what kind of friend would i be if i abandoned you at the time you needed someone the most? i wouldn't be able to live with myself. besides, i promised to watch your back, remember?

i just had to leave. i have things to do and i can't stay even if i wanted to. i'm just trying to avoid being awkward.

so we stop flirting for a while and really start working. it was fun while it lasted, though. you gave me a thrill for a time and i needed that. thank you so much for your time. now it's all business, nothing awkward except maybe i still want to bite you. oh well. at least i'm not breaking any rules. like i said, the more i want it, the more i know it's not happening. i know that once it happens, whatever it is, whenever, wherever it will be, when it's done, it will be awkward, so i'd rather not.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

seriously, we're still talking about this?

no kidding, i actually thought i conjured up that conversation. honestly, wasn't that all a figment of our very vivid and productive imaginations? who would've thought that after celebrating the New Year, you and i would still be teasing each other.

i'd be a hypocrite if i said that i wasn't affected by what you say to me. i am flattered, to say the least. why would i not be? i'm fat and ugly and you think of me as a sex object?! you can't imagine what that does to my self-esteem. it's true, i'm not like most women you would ever get to talk to in your life. the responses i give to you will not be the same responses you will get from other women. i am naughty, just as you are and i have this insane ability to tease and keep the boys hanging. that's why you're married, and i'm single.

" . . . i'm not like the girls that you've known, but i believe i'm worth coming home to . . . "
- Tori Amos, Sleeps with Butterflies

i cannot say that i'm not tempted to bite, because you are asking nicely. but i can't help but think that this may all be a trap, a test, one i am surely failing, miserably. whether or not you are unhappy with your married life is of no consequence; it doesn't change the legal fact that you are. you are yummy, and if nobody has come up to you and say that, that's why you feel the need to fish or flirt with seemingly unhappy, bitter single women, let me tell you now: YOU ARE HOT. YOU ARE DESIRABLE. YOU ARE SMART. YOU ARE SWEET. YOU ARE ALSO MARRIED.

i am grateful to you. you prove to me that people are not oblivious to the fact that i work hard, that i am beautiful, that i am wonderful and that i am a great singer. moreover, you prove to me that i am worth loving and that i deserve no one but the best. i deserve nothing less. you and i don't know each other but i feel that somehow i can trust you and that you trust me. you encourage me, if not to lose weight, or fix myself, to clean the house, because i never know who might come over to be violated. or to violate me. but you also convinced me, that i deserve someone out there better than yourself.

this will pass. you excite me. you flatter me. you make me smile. you said so yourself, i look pretty when i smile. but i'm reserving the right of undressing me of the Santa suit, fishnet stockings and "fuck me" boots for someone else less complicated.