Sunday, December 12, 2010

technicalities only mean one thing: WE WON.

i'm not being bitter here. i am seriously proud of the team that Anna and I set up. for the last two weeks, she and i have been working and going home just to bathe and go back to work again because we have been overseeing the practice of the band and the dancers for our joint business units' Christmas party performance.

it was the most tiring last two weeks but it was the most fun i have had lately. being in the band again, performing again. taking care of "kids" again. i would do it all over. seriously. Anna and i got so much support from all of our friends that we owe it to them to do good. and we did great. if not for the "overtime", i had a pretty good feeling that we won. and in my heart, we did.

i was telling the dancers and the band members, because we got rock as a genre, which i did not consciously pick, that it didn't matter to me if we lose. i kinda knew that was going to be the impression, seeing that everybody knows i'm a big rock fanatic, that i picked it. but i got that from drawing lots, fair and square. i picked out that we would be the last to perform. it would be hard to pull off considering there are sooo many rock songs to choose from and it would be very difficult to put dance steps on them.

of course, there were obstacles along the way. i have known about this competition for a while but we never really got the opportunity to pick out the team members until late November. we never really got to practice with them until the beginning of December since they were, uh, "distracted" and i didn't get the support i needed from Operations the way i had hoped i would. we didn't get direction until the week building up for that big day. but that's all over now. it's done. water under the bridge. we did it. WE DID IT. we showed everyone that we are a strong force to be reckoned with. there has been so much hype for the other genres that i felt i had to tell them about how hard our team has been working and how difficult it was to get everything together but WE MADE IT.

it has been disappointing that there have been so many changes occurring in the company but that was the one solid thing that Anna and i had going for us. with the help of our friends, Mark, Jayson and Blade, and the now stronger support from the Management team, our team had more confidence in themselves. as the judges remarked, we had the strongest support from the management team and we looked like we had the most fun. we looked like we had fun because it was real: WE HAD FUN. WE LOVED WHAT WE WERE DOING. even the crowd had fun with us.

i may not agree with what the judges' verdict was but i believe in my heart that we did our best, that our Creator was with us that day and He blessed all of us to give a great performance. i won because i have found new friends and family and our team feels the same way. we told them that it didn't matter as long as we had fun, that we gave a kick-ass performance. and we did. we did good.

until next year. =)


after the performance, when my crush went down the stage, he hugged me. it was really nice that he did. he came out of nowhere and it wasn't solicited. he just hugged me. that's how i knew, apart from all the help i got, that Anna and i got from our friends, that they appreciated us, what we did for them and the relationships, the friendships, that were formed these last two weeks. i will never forget that.

that, and the song i sang keeps wringing in my ear. i just hope there aren't too many pictures. tsk.