Monday, December 06, 2010

see no evil, buy no evil

if retail therapy means what i think it means, i just gave in to it.

come payday, i try my best to avoid my obvious temptations: record bar, bookstore. i still have a lot of books on my shelves that i haven't gotten to open yet and there are just too many cds to listen to on your free day. food isn't necessarily in that category considering no matter how i say i need to lose weight, i do need to sustain myself in order to do the tons of things in my to-do list.

it's not really like me to buy clothes and shoes and bags. not really that type. i mean, i try. i recently am trying to improve in that department, even working with some light make up on. it was only after my dad died that i realized that i can actually afford to buy branded clothes and other stuff for myself. but i try not to buy too much. we don't really want to spend it all on trivial stuff.

so i was at this store where my boss and my other colleagues bought some shoes for our company Christmas party performance. the store's name was suggestive that you can pay less for designer bags, shoes and accessories; the principle being that if you will pay less, you have the tendency to buy more. makes sense, right?

i wasn't really that depressed that i gave in to the temptation of buying another pair of shoes other than the pair i was supposed to get for the performance. i am actually more inclined to eat or smoke more when i'm depressed. or write.

but those shoes looked really good! i couldn't resist the urge of getting them.

hopefully i wouldn't be as weak the next time. it's weird how you have so much money and not think of anything good to buy; but then not have the resources when you see something you like. i would like to think my emotional quotient is high that way. i can resist the urge to buy stuff i don't need and even when i do have the money and like what's in front of me, to still sleep on it and come back the next day.

it's a good thing a guy cannot be bought. i can't afford the one i want anyway. too many bidders. and i don't have Canadian money.