Wednesday, November 03, 2010

you only get a home of new rock once in a lifetime

i first read it on one of the former NU rock jocks' blog and up to this day, i can't believe that they are on their last week of airing. you know that this is the end when all the rock jocks are coming back to do guest appearances or actual board work. you know it's the last week of airing when you can hear Guns N' Roses playing right after Tanya Markova and The Beatles, or playing Maria Cafra or any other classic song and they're trying to accommodate you and play the songs you want to hear even if they can't find them.

i can't even begin to describe how sad i am that the station has to close down because of budget or something. i've always thought of the station as a companion. it got me through my mother's death, my break up with M and then my father's death. now, i am all alone and NU107, the home of new rock, closing down and reformatting, no longer being the home of the music i grew up with and loved, is like another one of those deaths or break ups.

one of my fondest memories of the station booth, the guitar god and the band traumaligno

i've met so many people along the way: DJs, listeners, bands, writers, people. some of them i still get in touch with and meet every now and then, some are still on my Facebook page. some i have yet to see again because they've been part of my development as an individual. i remember a friend saying that i have managed to transform my "stalker tendencies" to helpful business connections. that much is true. i used to be really really irritating, especially when i lost M. i think i hung out the station and bugged the DJs everyday. if i wasn't there personally, i'd call them. i used to call the station everyday and give my opinion about this or that song or topic or DJ. i think there would be one or two, maybe more DJs i've pestered through the years, but some have remained great friends or acquaintances of mine. like, i'd approach this or that person and he/she would recognize me as an NU listener and there'd be an instant reaction. it wouldn't always be pleasant but it was a reaction nonetheless.

my guitar god and me

i love the station, and the people i have met through it. i've only been part of one Rock Awards but that experience was the best i've had. the education in music that i have had through NU107 is, for lack of a better word, since i am so speechless right now, is amazing. i am glad i listened to the station for as long as i have and did, since the music i get from it, both local and foreign rock acts, i wouldn't hear anywhere else. i've met too many people, heard too many songs, learned too many things through NU107 that i don't think i can rant and vent enough to say how grateful i am to it or how bad i will miss it. the station has unconsciously become so much a part of me and my life.

and now i don't know what to do anymore.