Monday, November 08, 2010

too late the heroes

if all the people who listened in, logged in, called in and visited the station, camped outside during its dying hours, minutes, seconds before it signed off, had been there all along, would it have been enough for the station not to close down?

i think i remember francis brew reyes asking someone who dropped by the station (that or called in) sunday afternoon where they were all this time. yeah, where were we?

of course, NU107 meant a lot to me. it meant a lot to so many people. it's no wonder a lot of them camped out of the NU107 studios in Ortigas. but i just swung by. called in. didn't even bother to stop and actually make my presence felt considering i have been a stalker of their DJs all these years. i have changed, of course. it was too emotional. i wouldn't know what to say, how to face them, stuff like that. plus there were too many people who probably felt as strongly as i, even more, who would've wanted to do the same thing: light candles, hug the DJS, the techs, take pictures (it IS a big event when one of the pillars of Philippine rock decide to throw in the towel) and videos or just simply be there. we all want to be there the same way the station, the music, has been there for us, if only for the last time. unfortunately, things don't work that way.

if you had a band now, where will you submit your demo? if you wanted to go out, if not for Facebook, how would you find out about a gig? just like any other company, NU107 isn't just about the bands. they have engineers, accountants, people who do not have anything to do with the music side of the business who try to keep the station running so you and i can listen to our Muse, our Sandwich, our Yeah Yeah Yeahs, our Peryodiko, our U2 and our Foo Fighters, and everything else. they work to give us our Pocket Concerts, AlterNativity and Independence Day sessions. while all we do is try to figure out how we can watch a gig with backstage passes for free, they're trying to get advertisers to put a show up. a band can always beg (or pay, as the case may be) another radio station to play their songs, you can catch up through any social network where to go to see a gig, but it's not that easy for an accountant or an engineer (unless they're really really really good) to look for work near Christmas time.

we could argue that a lot of people who used to listen to NU107 on a regular basis stopped listening because the station either sold out or "compromised" to reach a bigger fan base. these are the people who are either used to listening to glam rock, new wave or are just simply opposed to anything new. the station, like any band or artist, evolved alright, started giving exposure to this or that band, introduced us to different flavors of rock and roll. evolved. change is either good or bad but for what it's worth, the only thing constant is change and NU107 might have "compromised" their sound than change the format altogether. we can give them that. we should.

maybe it is too late to show our support, respect, love for one of the greatest things that ever happened to Philippine music. but i don't lose hope. we shouldn't.

the last thing i'd want is for some poseur to claim this or that about NU. anyone who's had a band or who's been angry and has looked to music as an outlet for that anger for whatever reason, who's grown up listening to NU, we're the only ones who can say that, claim that. it's a bit elitist, the exclusivity, but i can talk of worse things that may have led to NU107 closing down. this is not the time.

we are still mourning.