Tuesday, November 09, 2010

nick and norah

one of the great things about having cable (or having your neighbor have cable) is that if you miss any of the good movies showing because you are too addicted to your work, you just wait a year, or maybe now, just a few months and you finally get to see the movie.

i don't think Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ever got shown in Manila. but i'm glad it's showing on HBO.


the story is about a "straight bass player in a gay band" and the daughter of a wealthy record producer. straight bass player is still hung over his slutty ex-girlfriend and sends her mixed CDs everyday (closure volumes 1 - 12) and his gay band mates try their best to get him out of the house to forget about her and find something, someone better.

"you don't understand, guys, you don't know what it's like to be
(nick, when his friends are dragging him out of the house)

what nick doesn't know is that all his slutty ex-girlfriend does is throw away the cds he sends in the garbage can. daughter of wealthy record producer shares the same school with her and picks up the cds from the trash bin. nick and norah happen to like the same type of music.

in their search for a band called Where's Fluffy? (the band is supposed to be ubercool you have to look for them literally just to get into their gigs), nick and norah meet in a bar they thought fluffy was playing in and she asks him to pretend that they're boyfriend and girlfriend for five minutes. they kiss too and slutty ex-girlfriend runs into them with her new date. don't you just hate it when a guy suddenly drops everything, especially when he knows he already has the real thing right in front of him in favor of the bimbo?

"that was Nick?!? that was Tris' Nick?!?!?!?! this, (norah, pointing to herself) is not competing with perfect little that!(pointing to nick's slutty ex gf) . . ."

slutty ex-girlfriend asks nick if she and her date can get a ride and nick gives in because he thinks slutty ex-girlfriend will dump her date. norah goes to find her friend caroline because she decides it's her turn to be drunk and norah's turn to take care of her. while looking for her, norah also runs into this lanky guy who just uses her (like a sort of boyfriend but not really - jerk) and her name to get free entrance and free drinks from bars, because, after all, she is the daughter of the wealthy record producer.


nick and norah eventually find caroline. their band finds a drummer. they find fluffy. and end up with each other.

too bad it's just a movie. but then, there are so many instances when i felt like that's happened to my life, minus the happy ending. i'm just so glad my neighbor has cable.