Saturday, November 27, 2010

mother, mother

i've been getting a lot of opportunities to bond with my new boss and i am happy that i do.

i would be the first to admit that part of the initial awkwardness between me and my boss is my resistance to change. i was still hung over from my former boss leaving and there were a lot of things i tried to look for in her because he was that way with me. i was awkward around her and even felt insecure about my position. while she was very nice to me (she still is), i felt at the time that something was lacking, not really thinking that for a good relationship to work, whether it is a friendship, a romantic relationship or a working relationship, there has to be some effort from both parties. and i didn't think about exerting effort at the time, i was just too busy with the getting envious that i didn't bother to reach out. i was busy competing with other people, too busy listening to other people, too busy comparing the old boss with the new one that i didn't realize that regardless of who you're working for, if you're really good and dedicated to your work, it shouldn't matter. and that if i wanted to create a conducive working environment, a smooth relationship with her, i had to start with me.

i did verbalize my feelings to her and she seemed to be genuinely concerned about me, which i appreciated. i still do. every new day that i work with her, i learn something about her, whether it's related to her work ethic or her personal life, i appreciate because i can see an eagerness in her to find out about me too. i can feel that she is amused with me, to say the least. she is simply a happy person. i'm always moody, always angry so i'm thankful that some of her perkiness rubs off on me somehow. she encourages me to go out and have fun. she encourages me to travel. i admire her because she's taking control of her life and i want to be the same way. it's nice to be around stronger, more mature women in your life to guide you.

of course, i still love my former boss and i still miss him. but like he said, i should give my new boss a chance to teach me something new and empower me. i am learning from my new boss. i am giving myself the opportunity to learn from her and about her. i am opening myself to the idea that she will enhance and empower me to become a better employee, and an even better person.

so where are we going now, mother? =)