Tuesday, November 16, 2010

maybe i should put a red "A" on my clothes too

just because it's a holiday with them, doesn't mean i'm on holiday. sure, i see the effort wanting to spend time with each other on a holiday. eating out, watching a movie, drinking coffee and talking sounds like a great idea. but not when i have deadlines to meet. sometimes my daytime friends can be so inconsiderate.

the movie is immensely funny. i didn't really want to watch it at first, since i didn't really feel like watching a movie when i still had tons of work to do. there's something really cool (maybe even a little kinky) about a person talking in front of a web cam. you never know who's watching but you talk in front of it anyway. i am obviously not getting enough attention than what i think i'm getting. i don't know, i've always wanted to be the star of my own reality program. i found it interesting that they mentioned The Scarlet Letter and other classic literature in the film. you don't get that anymore. they also made references to movies by John Hughes. most awesome.

so the movie starts with Olive, talking in front of a web cam, saying what she claims to be "the real truth" about herself. so much has happened that she felt the need to explain her side and we get a flashback of how she became the "slut" of the whole school.

because she refused to spend a weekend with her friend, Rhiannon, she had to lie about losing her virginity to some college boy, when all weekend all she did was stay at home, while listening to Natasha Bedingfield's A Pocketful of Sunshine. talk about LSS. anyway, the overzealous head of the Christian group of their high school, Marianne, overhears the "story" in the bathroom and it spreads quickly like a plague. despite her being smart in class (being brought up by very liberal parents), everyone is focused on the rumors that they don't respect when she recites which leads her to lash at one of them and it gets her in detention.

in detention she meets a guy named Brandon (played by Dan Byrd - really cute son of Courteney Cox in Cougar Town) who proposes that they pretend they had sex just so nobody will beat him up for being gay. since then, all the misfits in school who found out about the deal between Olive and Brandon offer to give her certificates and coupons in order to make themselves more popular and her,unfortunately, more slutty to everyone's eyes. whenever she decides she wants to stop lying, she gets all soft when someone cries in front of her, especially when the school guidance counselor, who is also the wife of her favorite English teacher, confesses to giving one of the guys from the Christian group and Marianne's boyfriend, Micah, chlamidia. he blurts out Olive's name, which makes Marianne, also the girl who spread the first rumor, and Rhiannon, her friend, to launch a protest to have her kicked out of school.

the whole people-talking-about-her thing never really meant anything to her but the thing that pissed her off the most was that, there had been so many rumors going on about her doing this and that, or that boys were always offering to "fake rock their world", but nobody really bothered to ask her out. and when she needed them to fess up, they either didn't want to or ran out of town (like Brandon) or threaten her (like Mrs. Griffith, guidance counselor).

that's where the John Hughes reference comes in. she wanted to be wooed like when John Cusack held a boombox outside the window in High Fidelity or run off in a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love and then raise your fist like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

yeah, i want that to. maybe chivalry IS dead.

without giving too much away, except that she clears up everything. she does get the whole being called out the window with a boombox, she does run away with her longtime crush Todd on a lawnmower and they drive away with their arms raised with closed fists. i love this movie because not only is it funny but it gives me hope. it made references to The Scarlet Letter. i know i made a lousy book report about it in high school but the story kicks ass so i'm pretty hopeful that the movie can, in it's little way, encourage people to pick up the book or the original version of the movie. i also love that it paid homage to the John Hughes films. i miss watching movies like that. i miss chivalry like that.



it doesn't take me much to be really upset with you. it just looks like i like to quarrel with you all the time, but that's actually normal. you can be very infuriating so it's not all me.

i value trust in a relationship, especially in friendship, OUR friendship. we work together and both you and i handle very confidential information. we encounter a lot of people who are selfish and we always have to watch each other's backs. here i was, trying my best to protect your ass and you open your mouth only once, just once and you ruin my credibility. WHY? whatever possessed you to think that it was a good, no, a great idea to get me into trouble like that? nothing? no reason at all? no explanation? you know why? because it is stupid. because you have no reason. you weren't thinking. hence, if i get mad at you, it is valid.

i'm not mean to you, not in the way that you think. i have always been nice to you, always there to protect you. i forgive you. you are sweet, but you don't seem to protect me. you protect your own interest. okay, well, maybe you do look out for me sometimes, but you tend to forget other things. or sometimes, you can't help being impulsive, that it makes it difficult for people to deal with you and understand you. you hurt people because you lack finesse and tact when delivering some news about something or anything. you're not rude and yet you sound like you are. you're arrogant. but that's you. and i love you. i just don't think i can trust you anymore.