Monday, November 08, 2010

do you really need that much money if you lost all your friends?

so instead of camping out of the NU107 studio grounds at the F. Ortigas Avenue before midnight, my friends convinced me to watch the movie The Social Network.


The Social Network is about internet social networking website Facebook, and the resulting lawsuits. while you could say that the movie is a documentary drama about that thing that keeps us hooked to our PCs probably every waking second we get the chance to log in, it is actually, in my opinion, a film about friendship.

Eduardo is Marc's best friend. Marc lacks social skills. Marc is powerful in front of his PC. Eduardo supports Marc's latest project,, both morally and financially. Marc finds a new friend, Sean and thinks he's cooler than Eduardo. Marc thinks since Sean has experience with projects involving the internet, he sorta dumps Eduardo and his friendship. The Winklevoss twins are hot (or at least portrayed by hot twins) and popular and they got Marc to be their programmer but sues him for supposedly stealing their idea. Eduardo, the dumped friend, acts as witness for Marc in the Winklevoss case but acts as plaintiff for another. Eduardo has an Asian girl obsessed with him for a girlfriend. Marc lost his girlfriend and is trying to invite her to the social network he invented. He keeps refreshing the page, waiting for her to confirm that they are friends. Closing credits.

imagine being rejected as a friend in the social network you invented. it is used by millions and you have lots of friends, but rejected by the one you want. imagine being sued by the person with whom you started and shared something important with because of something as fickle and shallow as money. we may be talking about billions and billions of money but at the end, it's just money. come on.