Wednesday, October 13, 2010

when your child forces you to grow up

here in the R.P., if you have a child out of wedlock, you have the following options:

1) you keep the kid, live off your parents, expect them to help you out and go back to fooling around and making babies out of wedlock;

2) you don't keep the kid and keep behaving like a kid as if nothing happened (of course, the Catholic church frowns upon this, being raised as a Catholic and this being a predominantly so-called Catholic country) and go back to fooling around and making babies out of wedlock;

3) you keep the kid but give it up for adoption and go back to fooling around and making babies out of wedlock; or

4) you keep the kid and raise the kid, take matters to your own hands.

two of my closest female friends did just that: they're working and raising their kids plus their having fun hanging out with me. i have male friends who owned up to the responsibilities of their actions and like the first two, they're working, raising their kids and having fun hanging out with me.

so what happens when you choose option number three? you go back to your life, not necessarily the fooling around part, but you make wiser choices this time, or not, and you forget about the kid you gave up years ago. then suddenly she appears on your doorstep.


this is the plot of this new show called Life Unexpected. Kate and Baze hook up at the winter formal when they were in high school. he gets her pregnant but didn't want to take any responsibility for it. she gives up this beautiful blond kid for adoption, and goes on to be a popular radio DJ, has found someone new and is considered to be one of the hottest, most eligible single women in the city. he, on the other hand, gets to own his own bar, courtesy of his father, living life like a crazy bachelor. both get the surprise of their lives when their daughter Lux shows up and asks for their signatures in order to be emancipated. apparently, she didn't get adopted for having a weak heart so she just kept being transferred from one foster home to another. she decides at sixteen, that she didn't want to live that way any longer and starts looking for her parents to get their consent for her emancipation from the foster system.

the world has a weird way of putting people together. it turns out, all that time Kate thought that Lux had found a new home and she didn't have to worry. Baze thought that he wouldn't have to see Kate again after she got pregnant. Lux didn't know that the lady she's been listening to on the radio was her mother all along.

the show captures the experiences of three people all forced to grow up based on their circumstances. Lux resurfacing back in their lives has brought Kate and Baze to try to settle their differences in high school, face their fears and most importantly, raise Lux. reuniting with Lux has made them realize a great number of things about themselves and each other and, while they are not getting back together, discover that they could work out raising their daughter together, without fighting even if they don't always agree with their "parenting" methods. Lux, being alone most of her life, is learning to abide by certain rules and rely on other people, particularly her parents. she is learning not to bail whenever things go wrong and be patient, considering that despite their age, her parents "still need parents".

i recommend this to people who think that premarital underage (anytime between the ages of 13 and 21, anything under thirteen is STATUTORY RAPE) sex is cool. kids these days just go out and let go and not think about the consequences of their actions. kids these days are much bolder but not any smarter than we were. they're fearless. but they're also pampered, they're ignorant and they're stubborn. i hope that watching this show can teach them responsible fornication.

i recommend this to my friends who are doing an awesome job of balancing their work, their family life and their social life. it's like a tribute to what they had to go through and how they were able to surpass it. they have my utmost love and respect.

i recommend this to everyone. you can learn a thing or two. i know i have.