Sunday, October 24, 2010

i can always go to the beach some other time

i know i already said i'd go but my plans changed during the daytime that made it impossible for me to arrive at my law school alma mater at 6PM for the meet up to go to Laguna. so i thought i'd get in touch with my friend Jordan from the other call center i worked for, since he's been bugging me for the longest time to watch a gig. watch a gig we did.

of course, by the time we got there, it had already started. i think we missed two bands. Good Morning High Fives were up, with Martin and Pops Nievera's son Robin playing guitars for them. it's nice to know that we don't have to commit the mistakes done by our parents and we can choose to live our lives differently. even the music we play. the vocalist was very pretty hot although i didn't feel her intensity while performing. i just thought everybody was into it save for her. it felt like her eyes were empty, almost like she was awkward. the band as a whole was remarkable, despite being young and all. but that's just me.

quick observation: why are the girls that go to these gigs look like maids? what is happening to the gene pool? and, what makes all these kids, not just the girls, think that just because they have their DSLRs, that they're artist/photographers? some of the people who showed up for that gig probably know zilch about the music they're listening to. they don't deserve to be seated. it's like they went over there thinking it was a soiree. or a dump site of
ugly music-ignorant people with digital cameras.
there were other bands, whose names i can't remember right now while i'm typing this but aside from Taken by Cars, and Tanya Markova, whom everybody was waiting for, i thought Turbo Goth was awesome. as Dianne, my other companion, pointed out, if the White Stripes played gothic electronica, this was how they would sound and look like. Sarah Gaugler was amazing. she was subdued intense in contrast to Paolo Peralta's possessed intense. what a pair they make. what awesome music they make too. i've never seen so many xpats come over to see them perform. for a while i thought i was working again. but they were slamming. i just couldn't help but love them. i saw their video over at MYX but it was not amusing as seeing them perform live. if i hadn't known anything about them except that they were tall and their tattoos and their clothes (fashionable duo as well) called attention to them, i was a fan the minute they stepped out of that bar. Dianne asked who they were when Paolo was setting up and i said, "don't worry, hon, he will introduce himself to you". true enough, we were standing their set the whole time just banging our heads.

another band that caught my attention was December Avenue. to compare them to somebody else just to give you an idea what type of music they play would be a disservice to them, as they are unique and wonderful. but just to give you an idea (HAHA), they kinda sound like Gin Blossoms meets Switchfoot, for lack of better bands to come up with, as words evade me at this very moment. all i know is that, i would love to be wooed with their songs. not too noisy, not too mushy and yet, very much entertaining.

of course, there were other bands whom i cannot remember at the moment and even if i do remember their names, my words will fall short to describe how great their performance was and how elated i am to be in their presence. i am not so good in words that way.

i loved Taken by Cars and Tanya Markova. i feel so bad that i haven't gone out in a while or listened to the radio as much as i wish i could. everybody else was standing, singing along to their songs and i'm there, standing, just in awe, basically. maybe i'm too old, or just too busy. but my ears are still recovering.

i can always go to the beach some other time. i'm already thinking about backpacking and going to this and that place. i can meet my fraternity brothers and sorority sisters at some other occasion but gigs where i can see the bands i like, i rarely get a chance to do and going to this gig, i certainly did not regret. forget that i haven't slept from my shift last night. that was awesome.

will do again some time. soon i hope.