Sunday, September 26, 2010

tidbits early Sunday - but it's not food

save for last week that i spent in Palawan, i've been doing Bar Ops for my fraternity brother, Marc, or Maki, as we call him. i don't really do that much for him. i just spend the night there and come back in time to wake him up. i don't take down notes for him, i don't do errands (mainly because he doesn't want me to), i'm not part of the team that cooks and brings the food over for lunch - i just show up to wake him up. and sometimes, because he and my other frat brods are too stubborn to listen. i can't really blame them. i was insufferable when i was a barrister. the attitude problem was already a given, but my "watchers" would always end up falling asleep before i did. which almost happened last night haha.

i could really tell that Maki missed me. or that he needed someone to talk to. or someone to diss. he kept hugging me so hard i thought my chest would burst. he kept making fun of me, but he missed me.

Maki loves me. i know he does. it may not be a romantic type of love, but it is love nonetheless. and i love my brother.

why is it that i have to find out through Facebook that my boss is leaving again??? i think i remember her hinting that she would fly out to Bangkok? not that she needs to ask for my permission but a little head's up would've been nice just in case something critical happened. right?

is he coming with you?

ok, that was low. but i would feel bad if he did.


which reminds me. why do you want to join me during Bar Ops? free food? free drinks? i already warned him: if they see you with me, they will think you are my boyfriend and you will get a lot of questions. i think i remember you joking that you might say yes. you are not my boyfriend. i don't think you want to be, even for show. i don't need you to be my escort. but if you insist.


we're civil so far. i like that we're civil so far. it has crossed my mind several times to ask you out, even for just coffee, like we used to. not like a date, just coffee. i just don't feel comfortable inviting you, that's all. besides, i know you too well. i don't want it to go to your head. i don't even invite you in Facebook.

i like what we have so far. we don't have to have anything anymore. we don't even have to be friends. sorority sisters is fine. besides, i'm good with my exs as just exs.

"we don't have to stay friends, let's pretend to be enemies"
- Yeah, Whatever by Splender