Wednesday, November 26, 2008

how come they get to be in Hollywood but not us?

over the weekend, i did some channel surfing and found two Hollywood movies that featured our indian sisters paired up with American actors. one was the movie Outsourced starring Josh Hamilton (Alive, The Bourne Identity, With Honors) about a guy whose company is restructuring so he gets shipped off to India to check out the call center there. apparently the whole company gets outsourced so he has to go to the country to train his replacement. speaks a lot about the call center industry, although in RP settings, we didn't really have to pinch our noses to say, "Chicago". makes you think why so many of us right now are earning a living through this industry but nobody ever makes a movie about us and sends it to the Toronto film festival. bands write songs about working in a call center, but none of them really get it.


the other movie was Blind Dating, where Chris Pine (The Princess Diaries 2, Just My Luck) played a blind guy who ended up with an indian girl. he thought he almost lost the girl to Dr. Suresh ( i don't remember his name at the moment) because he was blind. anyway, romance. eew.


no, i'm not really sourgraping, but you can't really blame me if i feel quite bad. some might say it's okay since most of the business for outsourcing is here anyway. but the idea that we are only, to the minds of other countries, still just a bunch of caregivers, nurses, domestic helpers and entertainers, call center agents (with all the dollars we rake in, still no respect from some of our countrymen - we'll have really major issues when we get old listening to all those stressful concerns) and not as people interesting enough to be highlighted in film.

i mean, the only time we get noticed overseas for our film industry is when we make movies about bad this country is: poverty, corruption, prostitution, hypocrisy - sure, these are harsh realities that every Filipino has to deal with, but then so does every individual of every third world country. why don't we show them our indie filmmakers, writers, bands? that's interesting. but despite all those Filipino actors who got to Hollywood, they can't make one movie that gets it right.

Malaysians, Indonesians, Taiwanese women, Asians all of them (sorry if i missed out on anyone), but not a Filipino breaks through. tight industry it is, whether as actors or filmmakers to get one in.

it's pretty disheartening. you can kiss that dream of having a Filipina play a Bond girl goodbye. they only know Manny Pacquiao and that's it.

here's hoping an independent Filipino filmmaker takes a hint and when they do, a festival who will give it recognition it deserves.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i really don't get it

i hate the fact that people think that this position is powerful. i did not apply for this job because of that. i also did not sign up for this job just so i could sleep with my boss. don't get me wrong, my boss is attractive, i'm just simply not attracted to him. he has evolved from being just my superior, to becoming my friend and my older brother. he has made working this hard become very enjoyable and less stressful. i have learned that while you can't change everything, can't save everyone, when you start something good and wonderful to try to empower people, it grows on them and they become more assertive of themselves. my confidence has grown immensely ever since i have started working for him. it saddens me though, because, like i always whine about on this page, he is more receptive and more accepting of me than my own father.

i try as much as i can to follow a good work ethic. i try to carry myself accordingly since my actions not only reflects on me, but on my superior as well. although, you have to admit, i am an ass and i never cared about what other people think regardless. i'm just more careful because i'm representing the higher power who works with me. which is why i hate it when people think that i use this position to get special favors. while he listens to me and respects my opinions, i don't use that influence to get what i want. i don't work that way.


i hate the fact that people are so scared to do the right thing. i hate indifference. i hate that in this culture, even when you work hard or even when your intentions are good, red tape will always prevail. i hate the fact that people are afraid to fight for what they believe in or that everyone's just out to save their ass. i hate to succumb to this dog-eat-dog world. i may be cynical over a lot of things, but i hate to think that man has gotten so low that he simply has no morals, no principles, just good old-fashioned kiss ass, crab mentality. it shouldn't be that way.

i have said before that it's sad that no matter how you try to help people or how hard you work, for some weird reason, the people who don't work as much, the ones who are so greedy are the ones who get all the breaks. i refuse to believe that it has become so blatant that you don't need to work; somebody is stupid and weak enough to do the work for you while you get all the credit. it saddens me that people are actually scared to speak up and report these sycophants.

tolerance, indifference, is also a crime. in R.P. law, a felony is an act or OMISSION that causes damage to another. i mean, look at it this way: if you're a rape victim and you're angry but you are too embarrassed to talk, you allow the criminal to get away and rape someone else, then in a way you become a criminal yourself.

i don't know why these agents are scared to do the right thing. they only want to report what they see wrong when they resign, which doesn't really help anyone.

i can't do anything. i can't save everyone. you can complain and complain to me. i'll listen. just don't expect me to do anything.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

music from So You Think You Can Dance season 3

no, there isn't any album out, but if there were, this would be the totality of all the music they played on the season and danced to.

sweet dreams are made of these - this was a jazz piece danced by neil and sabra to the choreography of mandy moore. yes, her name is mandy moore. no, she did not sing cry, only hope and i wanna be with you. i bet she gets that all the time, but this mandy has been known for orchestrating some of the best steps for jazz and contemporary for So You Think You Can Dance. this dance allowed neil to show his gymnastic tricks and at the same time, show how versatile sabra is.

i'll stand by you - sabra and dominic needed this. it showcased dominic's soft side and started the duo's safe streak on the show. it proved that dominic, while a B-boy, had the potential to learn other types of dances and actually excel in them. sabra in this piece proved that she was a force to be reckoned with.

let the drummer kick - i don't think anybody understood this mia michaels piece that's why it placed lauren and neil on the bottom three. the song just kept on playing in my ear ever since i heard it. it made me think that i don't have to understand the piece. contemporary dance doesn't always have to have a story. maybe it's also meant to be fun, like two plumbers with really big goggles.

time by billie porter - this piece made me cry. it just proves that mia michaels deserves the emmy she won. it made me sad that i don't have the same relationship with my father. i never had moments like those with my dad. maybe i did, there were just more sad ones than there were happy ones that's why i liked this piece so much.


waiting on the world to change (solos) - i love john meyer. i loved the fact that even if they all had to do the same wade robson routine, each and every one of them made it like their own. each of the finalists had the fire that wade was going for when he thought of the routine i guess, which made every dance so powerful, never mind if the steps were the same. hear sabra roar.

i will remember you (goodbye song by ryan cabrera) - i like the song, period. they play it when someone gets kicked out.

it had to be you - i loved the way danny and anya looked radiating in this dance, like they were floating in the happiness of dance ( i can't believe i just said that, i don't even know what i meant - i probably do, i just can't articulate it properly right now) and everything is right in the world.

then you look at me - you know that mia michaels will feature at least one celine dion song in the season and this was perfect. it made you want to believe that danny and lauren were lovers who would go against all odds just to be together. props to the cameramen for following them until the very last moment of the piece

the moment i said it - the song fortified my fascination with imogen heap. the dance too.

rockafeller skank - this didn't look like pasha and sara's first time together. the chemistry showed like they were dancing all their lives together. benji schwimmer proved to us, by choreographing this piece that he is the new king of swing.

body language - i like this song, not just because i'm a queen fan, but because i am one =) because a jazz piece, as stated by mandy moore, is not a jazz piece, without the jazz hands. talk about the eighties at its finest.

make it work - if you have been reading this (like somebody actually had the time to waste reading this shit), you would know that i'm not a big fan of RnB. but dominic and sabra danced it so beautifully, they had so much chemistry, you'd wonder what goes on in those long hours of practicing together. like shane sparks said, it's a hot song, they're a hot pair, and a choreography enough to melt your heart. like i wish there was a guy who'd just pick me up and look at me like that.

enough said.