Tuesday, October 21, 2008

everywhere boy

let's face it: you have what they call "the hotness factor" or as my friend would put it, you're the only person worth looking at in this site. you actually kept on walking past me a few times. but i never really noticed until you opened your mouth.

you're everywhere! and apparently so am i.

wait, that's my line.

no, this isn't one of those bugs bunny episodes (i'm gonna tell the authorities, i'm gonna tell the authorities"), neither do i plan to enroll in one of those reform schools. i am overdue for a physical make over and to others, even a whole personality change is wanting but i'm not gonna go there. not for you anyway, seeing you can't spell and all (your and you're are two different things. the first is a possessive pronoun, the second, is the contraction of the phrase "you are") and you talk like you have this stopper up your butt. very deep voice, very manly. but in a way, listening to you sometimes, with the way you speak, puts a certain pain in my chest.

besides, you were the one who said pretty and stupid don't work. chances are, you're young and despite all idealism and banter exchanged, you are bound to commit mistakes and not see the one in front of you. you will ultimately choose the girl with the small waist and the equally small brain. and you know how it is when a guy thinks you're funny - you will never ever sleep with him because you'll always be one of the boys, the best friend and God knows i don't want to be just your friend.

i'm not going to change what i am. i'm not going to overhaul myself, even if it will do me good to do so. i love what i am, i'm comfortable with myself and i will embrace it totally and if you were every bit as sensible as who you purport yourself to be, you'll see that and like it.

but i want you with a passion i can't explain. it's weird. i know it'll soon pass, just like all of them other boys i pine over. but i want you everywhere. i just want you to be my everywhere, my everything boy.

but to love you is to need you everywhere
i need you here, there and everywhere.

until it's time to move on to the next one. because you can tell from the pictures that i'm a rockstar.

i'm not like the girls that you've known
but i believe i'm worth coming home to

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

beautiful distraction

when I started reviewing I wasn't really expecting to meet someone. I just wanted to study because of the limited time I had. I knew that being back in school meant seeing some of my old friends again and getting to know some of the new residents in the organization I was part of. but I didn't expect to meet you.

not my type, actually. you're attractive, just not the type I'm normally attracted to. but we can carry on a conversation and that meant a lot. in a way, aside from studying, you gave me a reason to get up in the morning and go to school to review. damnit, you even made me want to fix myself again, and i don't normally do that. i don't even like being the damsel in distress. but you were a gentleman and you like asserting the fact that you are, although there are certain times when words slip out of your mouth that i wouldn't normally hear from an average straight man.

i could probably like you that way, and given different circumstances, i would ask you out and take my chances, considering both of us have been alone for so long and as they say, misery loves company. what better company than you, who like me, lonely pathetic creatures that we are, it just might work.

or not.

thankfully, i still remember the reason why i took the 20-working days off, that the reason i was there was to study and nothing more. maybe make new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances, but the main purpose was to study, to take the bar and fucking pass it. i didn't need the shit. i didn't need you to make me feel that i might be capable of loving that way again. i didn't need you to make me feel period. somehow you did. and we could both just wonder what might have been.

you are an attractive nuisance i was able to abate.

because you don't always have to know the other side of the "what ifs" when being friends can give you the fix already. i don't need to complicate things when they're simple enough.

Friday, October 03, 2008

contributing to the reduction of stupidity in this world


now that september is over, i have more time in my hands to read the books that i want to read and i mean books like not law books.

i got that line from Ige Ramos on this new book i bought. yeah, yeah, it's Jessica Zafra again. what, you were expecting Mills and Boon?

i always say here that if i had all the money i wanted to have i would buy all the cds that i want to listen to and all the books that i want to read. unfortunately, we all can't have what we want, affordable books being one of those things we want but cannot have. it's just like that cute guy you wish you dated but he liked one of those fair waif stupid types. i want a good book. i just can't afford them.

fortunately Twisted 8 is affordable. actually, all of jessica zafra's books are affordable. one of the things i like about that woman aside from the fact that she's a great writer, is the fact that if one were just patient enough, they could find her books on any shelf of any bookstore and get it cheap. yes, this is a shameless plug. the book is funny, sarcastic, and yet, still informative.

if only people read more books from great Filipino writers like Bienvenido Santos, Jessica Zafra, Bob Ong, Christopher Eugenio (he doesn't have one yet but i bet if he did, the book will rock), Danton Remoto, Anabel Bosch (and all the women who write for Romancing Venus) to name a few, then people will stop voting all the dancers, basketball players and actors who eventually become traditional politicians.


another book i've been wanting to read but never really had the chance to start reading is lovely bones. it was recommended by my good friend boi bitch. i bought it but i had to put it aside in favor of my law books. it starts out eerie but i can't really tell what lies ahead since i never really got past page one. i'm really looking forward to finishing the book. then maybe i could describe it here and hopefully say more than just "buy it, it's great!"

i love reading. it's one of those things i hope everyone would start doing on a regular basis, and not just because they need to submit a book report or pass a subject. maybe if everyone just kept on reading and learning, then maybe this world could be a much better, smarter place. because we should never hinder ourselves from learning new things and what better way of learning than by reading good, great books.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

ako si chris

NO, this is not about my friend, boibitch.

i have to thank my friend julius for this. i felt so embarrassed that i tried to add him when there has been this invitation waiting in my inbox for 3 weeks now.

at first i thought it could've been just some Fil-Am boy who didn't know what to do with his time so i checked out his site to see what the fuss is about. the man is from new jersey! my boss is from NJ! and you know how it is with the accent, whether it's an Englishman or an American. there's the aspirated "t" and "p" when they speak. with chris, it comes out when he sings. and boy, can he sing. he has a good singing voice and exceptional guitar skills.

i was amazed by the fact that this man would take a video of himself playing guitar, singing Filipino rock songs, and this is with a little bit of embarrassment. i suddenly felt like a foreigner in my own country.

let's face it: here was a guy who probably didn't understand those songs at first but liked the melody enough to study and learn them and even sing the songs while here you are (and with you, i mean all you fellow Pinoys who listen to crapola - mixing the original version and the tagalized really sorry ass version of Umbrella together eew) listening to all this shit that these record companies feed you with when all the good stuff is left unrecorded, unnoticed. the real music is out there, you just have to go to the bars and hear them play. we pay big bucks to see MYMP and Nina do covers of Barry Manilow et al and here was this guy covering Narda?

i mean, don't you think it's funny if not weird, that a man from new jersey loved the Pinoy rock music enough to videotape himself and spread the word out through the worldwide web by singing songs by Mayonnaise, The Dawn, Parokya ni Edgar, Sugarfree and Kamikaze?

isn't he cute? i wonder if francis has seen this.

i really wish that people in this country would open their eyes, their ears, to new things, to the bands that are out there rather than patronize foreign acts when here's one foreigner who loves our music enough to want to post videos of himself playing them. it's not just about buying cds and going to the shows, it's about knowing the music is out there and spreading the word about it.