Thursday, August 21, 2008

i just thought i'd remind you that i do exist

it doesn'really hurt as bad anymore.

there used to be a time when my day wouldn't be complete without catching a glimpse of you, no matter how inconvenient it would be to me i just had to see you.

now i see you and i feel . . . nothing, absolutely nothing.

it was just a phase i would get over; you were a phase. there are certain patterns you can't change, no matter how you try and you were one of them.

who's stalking who now?



after five years with our company, our program/account decided to pull out and switch vendors. at the center just right in front of ours at that! oh, the drama, after my boss announced it to the floor, that our days were numbered. people started crying, not knowing what would happen to them once that final call is answered and the curtains close on this company for all of them/us, who have devoted time, blood, sweat, tears to this program.

i've had so many friends here, frustrated relationships, frustrated relationships and frustrated relationships. people who have made a difference in my life and people whom i'd rather not remember. good people. we have a lot of great people here. it's just too sad that we won't have that anymore.

(listening to Markers of Beautiful Memories by Camerawalls as i write this - need i say this is one of the best tracks i have ever heard?)

it's funny how this family has been my home for about two years before Nathan adopted me, how i would come over here even when i was on leave, how this is actually making me sad.

oh, well. i think that's enough to remind you all i'm still here, just don't have time to write.