Friday, November 23, 2007

i heart The Ronnies

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i now have a new favorite band and it's not Traumaligno (of course, i still love you, Boom, Pol, Pit, Eric) or Bagetsafonik (sometimes Ace, i do wonder why i'm still here after seventeen goddamned years). it's The Ronnies!!!

i first saw them play about a few months ago at Route 196 (i still remember being lost going there) and i do remember enjoying myself. Ene is such a delight to watch. Ronnie is very pleasant whenever i see him (the man is so good, great, MAGNIFICENT with those ivories. he's like a walking jukebox!) and we don't really get to see each other a lot so it's a surprise that he remembers me. he remembers me as Ace's friend from high school. sooner or later, it'll just be Bels, no more Ace attached. hmp. anyway, Andy is a silent killer on guitars (although i still love my guitar god - they're of different genres) and Justin is so fab on the drums. i say whip it!

i wish i could articulate myself better in describing their band. had too many beers, too many cigarettes, and no sleep so forgive me if my adjectives are limited to "good", "great", "fabulous", "spectacular", and the like. for now, to me, that's how The Ronnies should be described. they do 80's covers but i don't consider them a showband. maybe i'm just discriminating against MYMP and the like, but i do not consider The Ronnies as a showband despite the fact that they play other people's songs. when they play, they make it sound different and fun. everybody else are lackluster copycats.

it didn't feel awkward to dance in their set. it didn't feel cocky to enjoy. they were good, fun, i got amused. they even let me jam with them. they make you feel welcome and they don't try to be all yuppie because you are. Ene has this way of not making the whole thing baduy and to think their site's tagline is "Baduy is the New Black" but still make you relate to her.

i found myself dancing. singing along (even if it was embarrassing to know all those songs by heart because it speaks of how old you are) and enjoying. that felt good.

after the show, i was casual to Ronnie and Justin about jamming with them the next time i watch their gig and Ronnie goes, "o, sige, anong gusto mong kanta?" and i jokingly said, "alone ng heart" and he and Justin pull me inside and we jam. it helped that my friend Ace backed me up and said, "magaling kumanta 'yan" but i never really thought they'd take me seriously and ask me to sing. i sang Alone by Heart and that was that. i even did back up for some of the songs Ene sang. no, Ene, Justin, Ronnie, Andy, i'm sorry: no matter how many times you ask Ace to sing, he would have to decline. he was never really into that stuff, you know. Michael Johnson's I'll Always Love You, Christopher Cross' Sailing, etc. were never part of his vocabulary. he will disappoint. over and over.

anyway, i digress. you have to watch The Ronnies when you get the chance. they're interesting, to say the least. you having fun would be an understatement. i tell you. i cannot stress this enough, just like when i asked you to watch Transformers the movie.

watch them with your parents, your neighbors, your colleagues, your enemies, your partners, your siblings, the guy who sells taho in your neighborhood. WATCH THEM PERIOD. you will not regret it.

The Ronnies, ang banda ng bayan (haha!). because Baduy is the New Black.

thanksgiving '07: hanging out with the reggae masta, ninjakyusi rocks

so i drop by NU107 to give Russ Davis coffee. i was in the area and i needed some time to kill before going over to Route 196 for Ninjakyusi to watch my friend of 17years, Ace Cada, of Bagetsafonik and The Ronnies. i also needed directions because it was only my second time to go there. i knew that i had to take a cab but you know how it is with some cab drivers. even if they know your destination, they're going to pretend they don't and ask you (and of course, you don't either) so that you can go around in circles and pay more.

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when i get there, they were already starting the reggae program (the name of the show slips my mind at the moment) with Papa Dom. so i give the brewed coffee to the coffee slut and ask for directions. we hang out a bit and they were so nice. Papa Dom was so nice. i just noticed though: do all people who are into reggae sound like they're high? or cool? i don't know how to phrase it without sounding offensive. i mean, if you are into that shit, you know, weed, you would talk like that but then i wouldn't really know because i haven't tried weed. i do know for a fact though that sober or not, Russ does talk like that. it's part of being "ambrok" - term i coined to describe him. it means amboy who speaks barok tagalog. no, i don't mean that Papa Dom talks like he's high. i just mean that there's a certain sleekness, or style, or manner, for people in reggae that i can't comprehend. but they're cool, i mean no offense. anyway, we go our separate ways because he needed to be at Hard Rock Cafe for their event (he's a bigger, no, i mean, a taller Pupil fan) and i wanted to see Bagets.

getting a cab wasn't so hard and i got there really fast. i saw John, one of Ace's friends from college and since we were both alone, we shared a table. program was already starting with a band called Yoshi (pronounced as "yo-sha", don't ask) and while they were good, i'm not really into them that much. i felt that if i closed my eyes, i'd think that Kyla was on drugs, good drugs, but on drugs, nevertheless. cute keyboardist, though.

then there was this band called Helen which i think my co-worker Julius would appreciate, they sounded like dream-pop to me and he is so into that genre. i liked them. they just had the tendency to be predictable. to me it's one thing to have your own sound and people know automatically it's you. it's another to make a song sound different from the others. i was only on my first beer then and i didn't start the drinking spree until The Ronnies played so i was pretty sure it sounded like all their songs sounded alike. for a band, you don't want that. but then, that's just me.

Analog came next and i must say, my tukayo, is Hotness personified. after all these years (did i make her sound old or did i make me sound old?), Anabel Bosch is still a powerful voice and a hot body to witness on stage. the other band members are intense. it's a great combination and i look forward to hearing their single out on radio.

then came Bagets. they did 2 originals, Joyride and my personal favorite, Halogen, from their debut album Travelogue and i thought i would never see the day that Jules (Ace, to most of you in the indie scene) would sing Michael Jackson. and to think, when i was at NU, Papa Dom made me and Russ listen to this reggae version of Billy Jean too. after that, they did Rivermaya's Elesi in preparation for tonight's Rivermaya night. they owned the song. it's as if Rico Blanco didn't write it. it was a good rendition.

after the Bagets, The Ronnies were up. i heart The Ronnies. they're my new favorite band. i love them so much i have a separate entry (nyahahaha) for them.

we jammed some more eighties songs after some of the people left the place (i got to sing on stage too - Heart's Alone) before moving on to this place called StoneHouse. met some more of Ace's friends Harold, Arnold (and they happen to be best friends and both bald, or skinheaded, whatever), Elena and Heidi. nice discussion. so nice we stayed until 7.30am this morning.

so that was that. no worries. no work. wish everyday was thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

turtoise boy

i would have to apologize to humanity. people have disappointed me so many times that my faith in them has diminished a bit. i keep forgetting something: people know how to read! i underestimated people. they are either vain or guilty and i totally forgot that that can be a good motivation to read. retaliation is also a sign of guilt.


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Liza, one of my colleagues, gave this to me when she came back from Palawan and it reminded me of you.

what happened? we were okay, or at least, i'd like to think we were okay. i wasn't expecting anything when i first went into this. i just wanted to be friends and you gave that to me. you were polite enough and you indulged me enough to make me think that it was going to go somewhere, like lifelong friendship. and me staying in your house for a whole month with your wife and kids when i'm old and alone and penniless.

was it because of what happened (or "did not happen", depending on what he told you or "didn't tell you") between me and him? even if you knew that you didn't like me anyway so why should it matter? did you lose respect for me because of that? did you lose interest because i turned our to be no different from everybody else? is it because you like him (hand covering mouth in awe) and you were jealous?

he meant nothing to me. it didn't even feel like anything to me. him and his poor excuse of a whatever it was. i didn't present myself to you as perfect, or self-righteous. angst-ridden, a bit of a whiner, something short of a shrink, yes, but never perfect. i do have a fabulous nose, though. but other than that, i just wanted nothing but friendship. like i said, my attraction to you is a coincidence. stop acting so self-righteous. i assure you that it will not happen again.

and stop assuming that i'm running after you, too! not everything is about you, honey.

turtoise. scary. very scary.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

better addicted to Heroes than to heroine

i've been a fan of Heroes ever since they started showing trailers at Star World. sadly, the series wasn't available in the RP that time and the moment it started airing on Crime/Suspense, i couldn't catch it so everybody was aware of what was going on the show, except for me.

fortunately, my good friend and colleague, Johno (yes, that is his name, the way it is spelled and pronounced, any violent reactions?) gave me my own DVD copy of Season 1 and he gave it to me in time for me to catch up with the network screening of Season 2, so i'm not so way behind. well, i'm not way behind period. he said he couldn't find his own copy to lend to me so he got me my own. isn't that sweet?

i'm so kileg because i have such a humongous crush on that little man. i mean, he probably is not that little, i wouldn't know. i have such high regard for the man because he makes shit sound like poetry and believe me, he talks a lot of shit sometimes (but he's a remarkable manager, i tell you). but you know me, penis is nothing, brain is everything. although it wouldn't hurt if there was penis. my fascination for him is purely intellectual, but you have to hand it over to him - he kinda looks a bit like Francis Reyes who is probably not that attractive to some people but whom i consider to be a really hot guitar god so maybe that's one basis for the attraction. the man is also pretty neat, i mean, neat as smelling squeaky clean neat all the time. you'd think he wasn't using cologne but turning on his pheromones.

anyway, i digress. i am hooked on Heroes. the show is interesting and is a welcome take on people with superpowers. i don't care if the second season didn't really rate much in the US because for some weird reason America doesn't think they're not supposed to have love lives and be romantic. it's addictive, much like Isaac Mendez was addicted to heroine or the way Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar is addicted to getting everybody else's powers. it shows the human side of people with powers and their struggle to be normal. we never saw that in Superman although i never really followed Smallville religiously and we obviously didn't see that in X-Men because they're so busy trying to fight it out with the rest of humanity for approval to survive in the same planet that you fail to see the simple things. Heroes does that. like i said, i'm not trying to diss Superman, the uncanny X-Men and all the other shows which show people with powers. i just thought Heroes depicted the struggle in a way that people can relate to. it levels with you, even when you don't have superpowers of your own.

of course, my favorite hero is Peter. he has such a good soul and a good heart. even when he gets confused in some ways, he keeps his foot on the ground (except on those parts where he's literally flying) and Hiro, because, like Peter, he is pure of heart and has nothing but the most innocent of intentions but to help people, to use such power for the greater good and not for personal gain. something, someone most politicians can learn from.

anyway, season 2 is slowly picking up here in the R.P. and it is something to look forward to. you'll never know: there may be heroes lurking here in the country among us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

who the foo are you?

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so we were at club dredd last saturday night for Foo Fighters Night and it was ok. the band was obviously more tensed performing at Saguijo than they were at Dredd. although it was evident that the band is still in limbo regarding their final line up, they managed to put up a good show. i say good because they have mark downs.

mark downs? i guess being their band pimp and being that i'm not allowed to jam on stage so "i won't miss out on the parts they can't hear or see" or because i am their "overseer" period, i have to take note of those AOPs (areas of opportunity) where the band as a unit, and individually, can grow musically.

i am a proud pimp. i have never for once doubted their capability to do great things and to go to really far places and i can say i'm glad that the journey so far has been going well. i'm also glad at the fact that i'm with them in that journey and i somehow put them there :)

the next band, NotSoFast, was made up of these 18-year-olds, probably younger. while they look like they've had a lot of practice, they remind me of all those emo-whiney bands. they're good. they'll go far. i hope.

i enjoyed the set of The Roxymorrons. i've been a fan of Citric Maple way before they got Pau and Pau is actually a great addition to the band. she makes them more mellow in a way and her face is refreshing as is her voice.

we didn't really get to finish the whole 5-band set because we were all getting hungry so we decided to eat, drink and hang out at Rufo's to brainstorm our next move: a production number that reeks "showband!" it sounds fun, hilarious even, in the drawing board, i just don't know how we're going to make it materialize. but when it does, that'll be the next best thing to beat, i promise you!

in general, it was a good show and i wish we'd have more of those gigs so we can present more opportunities to improve as far as the sound of the band is concerned and more opportunities for the band to share their music and touch a whole different group of people. that would be fun.

yeah, so i'm sorry. i totally forgot that i'm not the only person entitled to FWBs. i'll spare you the lecture if you will spare me the horror the next time it happens. common courtesy dictates appropriate behaviour even in the midst of intense lust. besides, i thought you were better than that. it turns out, you and i are no different from each other, which is disappointing because: i thought you were better than that.

i'm feeling like a Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts, i think, is one of the most beautiful and most talented actresses in Hollywood today. just like Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock, she can switch from those romantic-comedies to the more serious of roles. now i say that i'm feeling like her not because i look like her (unlike some guys i know), i feel a My-Best-Friend's-Wedding coming in. and it's not like he's getting married and shit. what the hell am i saying?

ok, so in My Best Friend's Wedding, she and her best friend had become the center of each other's universe for the last nine years, until Dylan McDermott's character decided to settle down with Cameron Diaz's character. as of this writing, none of my male best friends have gotten married, unless they decided to get hitched without sending me an invitation.

i feel like Julia's character in that movie because one of my male friends has a girlfriend, he whom i thought was like me, scared of commitment. then he makes a 180 degree turn and says, "people can change", the bastard. he even quoted me by describing her the way Boom described me, referring to her as his "poetry amongst idiots". oh please, it's bad enough that you bypassed me, you just had to rip me off.

i shouldn't mind because i was the one who said that there are friendships that deserve to plateau. i shouldn't mind because no matter how many times i say i want a relationship, the moment i get one, i manage to ruin it without exerting too much of an effort. i shouldn't mind because i was the one who said that we shouldn't complicate things, especially when things are okay the way they are.

then why do i do?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

you just HAVE TO see the difference

last night was traumaligno's turn to be featured on NU107's In The Raw In The Flesh Bar Tour and i have to say, that i did not commit a mistake in "pimping" these boys, these gentlemen. i did not commit a mistake in harassing Francis Reyes into playing their cd on the radio. call me a bitch, but i have to say that i am really, more than anything, a BIG fan of traumaligno. all this pimping have made them my friends, my brothers, but i am definitely a HUGE fan of their music.

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they kicked off the the third leg and while there were some issues surrounding the band itself, they ignored it, just like the good troupers that they are. indeed, the show must go on. and they delivered. i have their songs playing in my head over and over but they display so much intensity when they're out there that you have to see the difference. and you will really know how better they are, compared to other bands i know of.

the other bands, Paraluman and Ursa Minor (mee-nor, long "e" and not may-nor, long "i", as we were told) were both good. only, i got disappointed that they played covers for their set. if i only knew you could do that, i'd have asked troma to play 3 Libras. but that would bring tears to Pit, our drummer. the band, and everyone who's part of the Traumaligno family loves that songs. with emphasis on the "V".

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anyway, after all the ITR bands performed, QUESO rocked the house. i had an encounter with Ian Tayao and again, i managed to make a complete jackass out of myself. you might say i'm probably too old for this shit, but the man is hot. you cannot blame me for being starstruck. and it is true what they say about him, how he smells good. i wanted to lick off his sweat. he was so soft-spoken, this man. i am in love again. bwahahahaha.

we also saw Dylan/Karen's twin sister, Karla. she beat me in the beer drinking contest (i'm not really much of a drinker, but i am a chain smoker. dragon level pa! and more than anything, i just wanted to make sure each and every one of the members of troma had their own Muziklaban cap.) but i don't mind. she was very nice and we even chatted her up a bit because she used to work in the call center where Kathy (wife of Paul, troma bassist) is working.

after the gig we crashed over to Pete's brother's place, ate some Persian food (shawarma is Persian, and not Indian, right? anybody?), drank rhum cola, read Boom's really bad hieroglyphics and then fell asleep.

that went well, didn't it?