Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ara Mina's gonna do what??!!??

i only get to read today's papers the next day. so much for being updated. then i read this news that Ara Mina will be singing the national anthem of the RP at the Manny Pacquiao fight with Antonio Barrera (his name is Antonio, right? you got me at Ara Mina will do the national anthem) and i got so pissed off.

will Ara Mina be able to foul up Lupang Hinirang like many have done before her?

i always said that if i were to become so famous that they'd invite me to perform at the NU107 Rock Awards, i would be honored to sing only one song: Lupang Hinirang.

that's next to all the songs i've dreamed of composing or covering, of course.

i am not the greatest singer in the world. but ARA MINA?!?

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so she has big boobs, which will probably cushion the blow when she sings. i mean, can you spell FLAT?

like i keep saying, there is so much crap out there that may be great commercially, but they still are, say it with me, people: CRAP. there is so much talent out there (like Traumaligno nyahahaha) that deserve airplay better than Ara Mina, or Cueshe or The SexBomb Girls or April Boy Regino. why is the budget for education always minimal again? so they can sell us CRAP. so we will vote for CRAP.

thankfully, i saw an update over the net this morning (12.07am) saying that Kyla will be singing it in front of the millions of people watching the boxing match.

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no comment. better singer but no further comment.

Monday, September 24, 2007

random human being for coffee

feigning ignorance? hah!

Right now, my mind is in a clutter. Expect a lot of incoherence.

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Yes, I am actually prettier in my pictures. I’m darker and uglier in person. Explanation: it’s all in the lighting, beybie! How do you think do they make all those skin whitening commercials?

Yes, Boom, I blew the band off in favor of a guy I really liked. I did. I did not attend Traumaligno’s rehearsal because I had a date. Wait, it wasn’t a date, just coffee. Coffee is harmless. You, Boom, on the other hand, passed out on an opportunity to bond with me for a girl. Not that I’m just trying to be vindictive. I just thought spending my afternoon with him was better. It was just coffee.

So anyway, just for the record, I don’t pretend to be stupid or helpless just to get a guy/girl’s attention. If anything, I’ll try to dazzle with my intelligence, when it visits me. I try to live up to being able to talk about anything under the sun so I barely ask questions expounding on a certain subject, unless I really don’t know.

Case in point: to kill time, my friend Red and I had breakfast and being the tech guy that he is, he was reading about computer servers and out of being polite I tried to ask him to talk to me about it. My father and I have this computer rental store but I know zilch about servers. He was so animated while he was talking. I tried to carry on the conversation as much as I could. It was a disaster.

So if you and I talk about rock climbing, even if I had a boyfriend who used to rock climb, he and I never talked about it the same way he never bothered to ask me what I read and wrote about for the school paper. We just made out. I will ask questions about things I don’t know about. And it’s not because I want to get you to bed (not that I don’t – I mean, who doesn’t want you? Do people like you ever get their heart broken?), but because I really have no idea what you are talking about. Makes sense? And come on, let’s say I did want to get you to bed, that’s why I was, “feigning ignorance”; please don’t tell me you’d actually fall for it. I mean, who does that anymore???

Besides, it’s all about shocking the other person. I mean, I am easily intimidated by people who are taller than me. And you are not just taller than me, I am attracted to men who are tall and thin like you, very attractive, whose IQ is larger than my law book collection. At least, I’d like to think of you that way. You didn’t disappoint, although now this is the part where I lose interest. It was so fun chasing you. Now my fantasies are dead and reduced to just wanting to hang out and be friends with you. Bummer. It’s not you though, it’s me. After M, I have been this way. She ruined me for men and other women.

Anyway, so in order to set the tone of whether or not I will be comfortable or uncomfortable around tall people, I shock them first. It’s either law student or bisexual, and then I take it from there. Or something more creative, like, “she’s not coming; she’d rather go home and sleep than meet up with you”. Gotcha. =)

I enjoyed that afternoon immensely, although I wish I were more prepared, so as not to be accused of feigning ignorance. Or to avoid dead air. I did promise to make it the “most unawkward moment of his life”. Now that I think about it I did sound pathetic, or desperate. But then, did I ever care to begin with what people thought of me? I will make friends with anybody. Nobody’s ever regret being my friend, the last time I checked. I needed to step out of the box. And I needed to connect with some random human being for coffee. The fact that he was smart, tall, thin, attractive, and sweet (if you’re reading this though, you’re not all that nice, you can be an ass and you know it) was just a bonus. Oh, and he knows Jake (not his real name), remember Jake, the guy I used to go out with? Apparently, he and my random human being for coffee know each other and random human being for coffee and I agree that Jake is an ass. Jake is a bigger jerk than you, don’t worry.

I liked that I went out and had coffee with you. I liked the part where you gave in. I liked the part that I got to share a lot of things with you and vice versa. I liked the part where although there were moments of uncomfortable silences, to me, at least, they weren’t that uncomfortable. I look forward to hanging out with you again. I hope the feeling is mutual. I’m not asking to be your girlfriend, but your girl friend. I know I can never be someone you’d date but I can be someone you can talk to about anything, without necessarily feigning ignorance, who can do simple arithmetic for you, someone who can make up stories to save your ass from your girlfriend, someone who’d encourage you to model, or make you laugh because you’re smart enough to get sarcasm, someone who’ll buy you a beer in a Pupil gig, etc.

I don’t really know how to end this because like I said in the beginning, my mind is in a clutter. Although I would like to say that there is something terribly wrong with me. M made it in such a way that if I ever get close to someone I liked, I would stop liking that person, unless that person is totally unattainable. Therefore, the person is desirable only when I can’t have him/her. If I can easily get access to the other person I’ll take them for granted. But isn’t that human nature that is inherent in everybody?

We all want something we can’t have. We ignore the ones that are already there and notice their value only when they’re gone. So there.

See? I told you I knew the difference of using “their”, “there” and “they’re”.

when Russell, my exboyfriend, and i were still dating, i had no recollection of his face whatsoever. during that time, i kept on forgetting what he looked like until we were together again and even while i was with him, my mind would wander and not remember i was with my then boyfriend. after the relationship, without even trying, his face would flash before my eyes. i hate it, the horror!

so goes my theory that when you have it, you don't like it. you don't enjoy it. you only look for it when it's gone.

thankfully, after that brief encounter with the random human being for coffee, i don't recall my ex's face anymore. but then, i don't remember random human being for coffee's face either. except maybe for the mole. and the nice looking hands.

oh well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daddy has left the building

call me sappy, but after i walked my boss through the door, i wanted to curl up in my station and cry. he left for the US today and will be gone for a week. i know he'll be back but the child in me is revolting. the person kept in charge while my boss isn't around is a biatch. i try to say that with great fondness out of respect since she looks like my ex-girlfriend, E. other than that, i don't find any substance in her other than she whines a lot and thinks less of people and aggravating the situation is the fact that she acts that way because she knows my boss will let her get away with it. that's what i don't like about my boss. that's the only thing. everything else about my boss, i adore.

you know, just because you and this woman go a long way and you've seen her develop, you shouldn't give in to her whim all the time. i think, given a choice, no matter how hard i work, he will chop my head off first chance he gets just to save her ass. i am afraid. i am very afraid.

anyway, i hope my boss comes home in one piece, God forbid, this set up be permanent. nobody likes her. i don't think her own kids like her. my boss is an angel, she's the devil.

i babble. Godspeed, Daddy (or older brother, boss, friend, companion, whatever), Godspeed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

there were a lot of things off the air you didn't hear

so we meet on a sunday for Francis Brew's In The Raw and i'm nervous because i'm missing my two boys, the vocalist/guitarist/resident eye roller and the bassist/backup vocalist/sex symbol (have you seen how he cavorts to the intro of The One You Love by The Eagles? he will give any porn star a run for his money) are nowhere to be found and the weather doesn't look great.

anyway, i tell my guitar god that i'm just gathering my boys before going over to the station and Francis Reyes texts me, "you have another copy of their cd?"

this causes havoc in my already problematic head: two of the troma boys are missing in action and the station does not have a frigging cd?! i had to think fast. it was already 6.15pm. our call time was 7pm. before you know it, i was running the dark hallways of the 19th floor of our office building in makati to get a cd from my office pedestal; i was yelling at the cab driver to fly like the wind; i was jumping off the cab right before it could go to a halt. we all went through great lengths for this radio appearance. we weren't going to blow it because we didn't have a cd to play.

so the first thing that Francis tells me when he sees me after "pahingi ng yosi" (give me a cigarette) is, while pointing to my tummy, "when is that due?" and apparently, the boys and the other people with the band gave him the idea that they were all scared of me. am i scary?

commercial (and this has nothing to do with traumaligno, my apologies): Sven called me at about 1am today. he was telling me that they have a new guitarist and that i should go and watch the improved sound of Felepinas. and to keep in touch. does the audience feel lonely without me, Sven?

so the bands that came before us were the doctors and the girl who posed for FHM and her band. we just passed the time chatting and smoking outside the station while waiting for our turn. i try to socialize with Rock Ed's Gang Badoy and smoke with Francis some more while negotiating a way to get Latigo into NU107's playlist for real and not just a track you play every hour for just one week.

"so let me tell you the story when we back at the old studio and Bels tries to grab my crotch . . ."

and Pol asks Francis why i'd do such a thing. why else, Paul, I ask you. Francis was kidding, of course. why would want to do that? i am after his heart. bwahahaha. then i get multiple texts from lesbian guy a.k.a. Toti/Allan from 7Days Off asking us to greet him. we do. then Boom goes on to this litany about how difficult it is to get gigs when you're working in a call center. Paul says how difficult it is working in a call center period. Eric and Pete just stay quiet in the background until it was time to greet.

then Francis tells me again and this time i'm not sure if he's paying me a compliment or just really really tackless but he says, "go to the gym. sayang ang mukha mo . . ."

it's a good thing i am so in love with this guy and he lets me harass him on and off the air. otherwise, his frail body would've flown to midair.

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i'm glad that he gave the boys feedback. i mean, these boys look up to this guy, my guitar god, and they'll take in whatever they can learn from him.

the best is yet to come. this is just the beginning. =)

Monday, September 03, 2007

i am officially a pimp

no, i am not a groupie. i'm not a roadie. yeah, you can say i'm a band aid.

try fairuza balk talking to billy crudup in almost famous. yep, that's what i am to traumaligno. i know what it's like to love a band and their silly little piece of music so much that it hurts.

everyone has a right to be overly zealous about something. right now, this is what i'm enthusiastic about.

listen to the music and you'll see what the fuss is about.

wish i could say more. i'm just really tired right now from too much headbanging. or whatever it is that i'm doing when i hear rock/alternative music.