Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my guitar god

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so i finally get to drop off traumaligno's cd at NU107 after putting it off for so long since i have been sooo busy with my new responsibility as someone's Executive Assistant and it was a good experience. i got to see Francis Brew Reyes, my honey, my guitar god. and you think after all these years, he still remembers me. now i haven't had my emotional or intellectual quotient checked in a long time but i hear it's pretty high and this is the man who has the capabilities of making that quotient go negative.

we all have our heroes, our icons, people who inspire us to do good in our lives, who give us a reason for living when we feel that life has become mundane, meaningless and void of any reason for continuity. but i read, i listen to music. i try to have fun, i work. and at this point, no matter how exhausting this work is, it is what keeps this sorry ass sane.

francis reyes, lead guitarist for The Dawn, does that for me, in a way. of course, there's Jessica Zafra, there's Cillian Murphy. when he plays the guitar, you forget that he's short and that he can be a bitch sometimes. of course, there are other greater guitarists out there, i know. but he's mine, he's my favorite. he's my love mwahahaha

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now while i get star struck with him, he gets star struck talking about his man-crush for Dave Grohl and how great he is and how humble the Alanis-lookalike is. my down-to-earth guitar god is yapping about how down-to-earth Dave Grohl is.

so before i go, we hug and we kiss like old friends like we just saw each other yesterday and talk about how i don't really want to defend criminals anyway so i shouldn't feel bad about not passing the bar yet. and he even says, " i can't wait to be faxed by you!"

oh francis, i'll fax you anytime!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

keeping it safe and quiet

tonight i'll start training for a new responsibility and while they told me that it's just a lateral movement, the title rocks. no kidding. it's the culmination (am i allowed to use words i don't even know the meaning to?) of all my hard work and patience. plus, i'll be working for one of the greatest, nices bosses in the planet. the Lord has been very good to me. i have no right to complain. it just means that my "meaningful relationship" quest will be placed on hold.

now i understand that this will mean more responsibility, less time to sleep. hell, i never get to sleep anyway.


i think i've mentioned here before that i find it hard to get bi and i still do. i still get the same old stupid straight questions of which one is the better sex partner; i still get accused of having really bad relationships with men that's why i'm into girls.

didn't it ever occur to you that it's the other way around?

i mean, couldn't i be searching for a guy now because i've had so much bad luck with women? because i've been into girls long before i met the asshole men in my life. and after M, i have not been able to get into any relationship at all, with a man or woman. i think she ruined me for men and other women. no kidding. how many times have i said that? i'll say it again, M ruined me for men and other women.

because i can never have the conversations i want with men. when i do find one i can talk to, they're either gay, taken or busy pining over somebody who does not know the difference between "their", "there" and "they're". with women, my problem is that i have had so much pain trying to invest emotions on another woman and i just get burned. it is so exhausting.

guess i'll keep looking. focus on the job then.

don't you just hate it when people know you because they need you for something?! sycophants. charlatans.

i hope you can pronounce and spell, define those words. you know who you are. i think i'm gonna get a lot of you people because of my new responsibility. but i'll be ready.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

because i am one short and stout couch potato 2

sunday is everything-i-wasn't-able-to-do-during-the-whole-week-i-do-today-day. it's also the day i take the opportunity to relax, watch tv, sleep. well, more often than not, wishing i could sleep. so when i can't sleep, i watch tv.

there are so many good shows showing on tv that i can't resist not watching. for one, there's CSI Supreme Sunday. the miniature killer is a genius. whoever wrote this season's episodes is a genius.

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another show that keeps me awake when i should be sleeping is Criminal Minds. just like CSI, the show makes you think. it makes you aware about the factors that lead people to be the sick perverts that they are and in a way, make you understand what led them to be cruel cold blooded criminals so we're not quick to judge.

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a show i don't seem to catch on a weekend is Heroes. the idea that there are people among us, ordinary people, having superpowers excite me, the same way i get intrigued by witches and vampires. they're just ordinary people dealing with extraordinary powers, they have trouble coping too. things like that.

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for comic relief, i rely on How I Met Your Mother and The Class. HIMYM brings back to the small screen our favorite teenage doctor (he doesn't look like he's aged at all, huh?) Neil Patrick Harris and our favorite witch/flutist Allyson Hannigan. just by the title itself, it shows a guy named Ted telling his two kids how he met their mother and the journey towards meeting her. it's funny.

you have to forgive me. i still haven't developed the art of music, tv, film review. i just know it's good, it sucks or it's not worth my time.

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The Class actually stars a bunch of unknowns, save for John Ritter's son, Jason. John Ritter? Three's Company for the 80's kids. it reunites a group of 28-year olds who were classmates in elementary. the show is actually hilarious except for the part where you don't know anybody. but the show does feature Mandy Moore's How To Deal co-star Trent Ford, so that's something to look forward to.

all these shows, make me want to keep stocks of their seasons. they keep me awake even when i want so much to sleep. oh yeah, they don't encourage me to exercise too.

Friday, July 06, 2007

because when i like something, i try to share it with other people

boom of trauMaligno might kill me for this but i am so in love with this song right now that i want to share it with people so much. you can listen to it over at http://www.soundclick.com/traumaligno.

shrimppaste soda

I don’t wanna talk to you anymore
No more will I waste your time
Don’t want another thought of your smile

I don’t wanna think of you anymore
The time that your hands held mine
It’s boggling every thought in my mind

You’re so fine, you used to be mine
Then again, perhaps I’d tow back the line
Which way? Who’s to say?

I don’t want to lie to me anymore
That things are gonna be alright
The things that keep me up all night

I don’t wanna talk to you anymore
No more will I waste my time
You’ll never see me beg for your smile

the lyrics are so simple yet so cool. i'm sorry, but i haven't fully developed my music-reviewing skills. all i know is, the song is good, the lyrics are so honest and still so deep.

another song of trauMaligno that i like is Latigo. when performed live, the intro sounds like a rip-off of Pearl Jam's Alive, then they change the rift all of a sudden and then boom starts talking about release and longing and how difficult it is to deal. poignant. it is difficult to lose something you never felt any emotion for. you will never miss someone or something that never mattered to you to begin with. whatever.

(Boom Dizon)
Nalimutan ko nang mataranta

Nawala kang muli
Hindi ko tatanungin

Hindi nawawala ang hindi hinahanap
Panong mapapagod ang dati nang pagal
Hindi malilimot ang di mo naintindihan

Humalik sa himpapawid
Arukin ang di maabot
Malayong babalik ka pa
Pumipiglas ang lubid
Yayapos ang alipin
Ang oras
Kapag ika’y nawawala

Nalimutan mo nang magsalita
At tulad ng huli
Purihin ang salarin

Hindi nabibigo ang di nangangahas
Santong pinapako, kumalinga ng wagas
Magsisi’t tumalikod wala ka nang babalikan

you can watch the live performance of trauMaligno's Latigo in UP Diliman over at http://www.youtube.com/. enjoy.


got a visit from red again. damnit. i wish he nevers finishes the clearance.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

more than meets the eye

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of course, just by the title, you know what i'm talking about.

saw it with Brian. i want to see it again. and again. and again.

you can have an orgasm just watching it. like i said, i cry at the weirdest of times, so there was like this scene with Bumblebee where i wanted to cry but i don't want to discuss it. you probably know what i'm talking about. if you are planning to watch it, or have seen it, you know what i'm talking about.

the machines totally outshone the actors. like, that soldier guy is Fergie's boyfriend, right? Optimus Prime is way hotter. how did my friend Rose put it, geekgasm? but Shia is hilarious, no doubt.

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i want to see it again. and again. and again. and again. and again.

if you haven't seen it yet, watch it. watch it with your friends, watch it with your kids, your lover, your enemies, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your paramour, your office colleagues, your neighbors, etc. WATCH IT PERIOD. WATCH IT MORE THAN ONCE. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, PEOPLE. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

i have this long standing argument with Red about which is better, chocolate or sex and i might be tempted to say, "TRANSFORMERS!!!"

nothing follows.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


so they finally picked a new TL for our account. i don't exactly feel bad. the Lord hasn't really forgotten me. She has plans, whatever they are, they're just not imminent yet.

i don't particularly discuss religion or morality in this page because, well, it opens up a can of worms and more often than not it will unconsciously or unintentionally ruffle someone else's beliefs. but that's point: as far as my faith is concerned, it is basically all i have. it is what keeps me sane and patient. as they say, patience is a virtue.

so if i can't have the promotion that i want, i can always have the meaningful relationship bit, right?

MAGKAKA-BF NA TALAGA 'KO (or GF, whatever)!!!

i can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
i can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord


i've been getting a visit from my friend red lately, well, he's fixing his clearance so he visits. sometimes i'm scared and i pray that he doesn't finish fixing it so he'll have a reason to keep coming back so we can still hang out and talk and smoke and have coffee. i'm scared that once that goal is accomplished i will never see him again.

there was this time when i wished i had the kind of conversations i had with red with russell. i tried. russell was too busy making some other nilalang feel like she was the only person in the world that mattered whenever he was with me so we couldn't really a carry a normal relationship conversation. or have red as my boyfriend. but i enjoy my relationship with red as it is. there are certain things better left untouched and unscathed by any unnecessary emotion. this was one of them.

sometimes it is always better to not complicate things. i am complicated as it is.

alanis morrissette and ryan reynolds broke up already? what?

where the hell was i when that happened?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

after shift jam again: traumalignized awOooo

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boom dizon of trauMaligno

while i thought the first one i saw was a tragedy, i have become more open to watching these after shift shows produced by my fellow call center agents. it turns out some of the bands are really good, they're nice people and they have raw talent waiting to be excavated and brought out into the mainstream. some, well, i said it was a tragedy. had to drink a couple of beers to like what i heard.

anyway, of the bands i saw last saturday, not including 7days off which i missed (Toti had performed for Saffron Speedway the previous night and did not wake up on time), i liked trauMaligno the best. keeping an open mind, i listened to all of the bands and these guys are the ones that i want to totally skyrocket to the top. another band i want to see make a big "awO000" in the music scene is a Pack Of Wolves. they also sound really good and i feel that the band presents promise among the call center bands that i have seen perform. they will be launching an album out soon, just like trauMaligno which just recently launched their EP. another is the band SIDHI, they're basically a reggae band. pardon my ignorance. all i can say is good, God, they're great. anyway, when was the last time you saw a guitarist use his tongue to play the guitar?

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pack of wolves

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it was a great experience being in the band scene again, even if the regular band scene i am used to is still asleep during the time these guys were playing.

oh yeah, and i saw a thirteen-year old kid who could play a mean bass, jamming on Metallica and Iron Maiden. damn, those bands are older than the kid! and they call him Harry Potter.

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anyway, looking forward to the next one. met a lot of new friends during the whole afternoon and listened to a lot of good music. can't wait for the next one.