Thursday, November 30, 2006

not cut out for the tugish takish scene

tugish takish, for those of you who do not know, is the title of the Pedicab album. it's also what the "ROCK" people (the people i do know) call the dance scene.

i don't know how to dance. i can't dance. so i don't dance. i just sway laterally- - hips, shoulders, body. occasionally, i gyrate and rub my against other people to the tune of songs that have that thump feel. more often than not, i get bored. really. dead bored. and it's not because nobody tried to pick me up. i just get bored. my body is selective in terms of the music it wants to move to. and when it does, it has a mind of its own. like it's in a trance.

i cannot attribute it to age since i still do, gyrate occasionally. maybe i just like SPACE. lots of it. i want to be able to breathe and not have to smell what the other person had for lunch or know did before he hit the dance floor. okay, so i tried to slam dance and do the mosh pit thing before. but that's different. way different. okay, so you will see people making out in a bar where there's a band performing, just like in a disco. okay, there will be people sweating in a joint where people drink and smoke at the same time, just like in a disco. okay, there's also a possibility you'd get picked up at a bar where a band is playing, just like in a disco. maybe i simply just can't dance.

so i get bored. i remember people, places, things, problems, when i get bored. the purpose of going to these places is to lose yourself in the music and simply let go. but unlike in a band performance where i sit and watch, you are watched by people in the dance floor. maybe that's why there's a band called Panic at the Disco. and shit, i remembered you. i found myself composing shit again while waiting for my friends get hit on by guys on the dance floor. i suddenly was in a different place.

i hate it when that happens.

happiness does start at 10pm and end at 7am.

for now.

why do you just have to look like Marc Abaya?!

Friday, November 24, 2006

separated at birth

i've been wanting to post this for a long time, only, i didn't have any resources, or time to post it.

i've been too busy trying to drown myself in alcohol.

anyway, here are some people whom i think have been separated at birth, like they were long lost twins.

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ever wonder why Taylor Hawkins left and then became Foo Fighters' drummer? it's because Dave Grohl reminds him of Alanis.

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i really found it funny that American Idol had Prince (or the Artist formerly known as) for a guest. i wanted to see them dance.

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i actually thought that the band who sung Under the Bridge and More Than Words were one and the same person. i know better now.

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before Gerard Way bleached his hair blonde, i thought he was Billy Corgan fronting another angry band. the Helena video is hot. i think that was Carmen of the L Word in there. of course, he now looks like this:

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this one is hotter.

anyway, i'm still nauseous so i'm gonna stop right there. for now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

here i go again . . .

i really enjoyed your company. and you said something that made me feel good about myself, without, i guess, you meaning to. but those limited number of minutes, seconds, they meant a lot to me. you have no idea. i don't have any reason to be paranoid, thank you.

you, on the other hand, you make me feel responsible, like i have this little brother. really. i think you're sweet and i appreciate you being there for me.

it's so nice to have some new straight male friends.

okay, i couldn't find the lyrics. but i found the video. so please enjoy Silent Sanctuary's Rebound. i know i do.

thank God for youtube.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


our team was supposed to be dressed as wolves, being tagged as the Big Bad Wolf Academy. most of the people in the team were guys and the few people who were not guys were treated like one of the boys anyway. i didn't want to dress as a wolf. so i took the other route.

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i wanted to be different. it was my first halloween party with the company and i'm almost celebrating one year with them. i didn't expect to stand out. i just wanted it to be fun. i had trouble typing though, while taking calls. but you have to admit, i look cute. damnit, i look great.

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i had no idea that my big boss was wearing the Scream mask. i even warded him off because i was taking calls. oh well.

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i had fun.

oh, and i'm not afraid of the dark.


when i first saw you, i knew you were cute. i didn't get a good look at you, but you were(are) cute. you're definitely interesting, for a young man. you look and sound profound. you look like Marc Abaya, only thinner. and you're nice. you don't have a speech defect and we actually listen to the same kind of music. and i was pretty touched when you said you still kept my note. i found that very sweet. really. hope you're not a disappointment like he is.

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yeah, you look like him. a younger, sweeter, smarter, thinner, slightly yummier (because Marc has depreciated in value) version of him.