Monday, January 30, 2006

and the music lives on even when the band doesn't

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i've put this off for a considerably long time, maybe because i'd rather just dose off sometimes than talk about my pathetic life and all the shows i haven't been seeing. i've had the album for the whole month but i haven't really gotten to dissecting it. like i've always said, i'm not really good at reviews so here goes:

we all love the Eraserheads. no kidding. i bet you even those jolog assholes who diss them in the Rock Awards when they get nominated for an award has at least one E'head album in their collection. really. i hated the fact that this is the band that launched a thousand other bands in the music scene and just because some people are into incoherent, unmelodical crap, we repay them by booing when their faces show up in the screen. that's why in a way, i was glad i missed some of the Awards nights. i would've killed a lot of people just for being ungrateful.

during that particular awards ceremony where the E'heads were given a special award, Zach, who was doing the voice over, remarked that maybe it was a case of "having too many scientists in one laboratory". maybe he was right. the E'heads was a band made up of some of the greatest musical minds this country has ever produced. that lab was in for some major explosion. so Lemon had side projects and then Ely left the band. Marcus kept on having nightmares whenever he'd take a look at the vocalist and see someone else. Buddy seemed to be just ok with whoever.

so we make a tribute album years after Ely left and released two albums, make that three: his solo effort, the one with The Mongols and the one with his new band, Pupil. Lemon has Sandwich, and Squid 9 and Pedicab, etc. Buddy has Cambio and is also the new bassist for The Dawn. but where is Marcus? what i find surprising is someone from NU107 didn't think about this first.

i actually like their versions, well, most of them. my favorite E'heads album is actually their second, Circus, and i did appreciate the versions of Alapaap, Magasin, Alcohol and With A Smile. Paolo Santos looks like Francis Reyes naman eh and i can forgive South Border. my biggest peeve was the addition of Cueshe and MYMP. i'm sorry for all you Juris and Chin fans, but name me one song that they're famous for other than A Little Bit that's not a cover of some other person's song. and Cueshe?! i don't like my music being cut and pasted and given a new title. i've always liked Spolarium and i think Aia de Leon's voice is awesome. i don't really have anything against Barbie Almalbis but i kinda preferred Imago's version of Overdrive in the Viva sex flick better. uy, where Barbie is, Kitchie will not be far behind. musically, i mean. what the hell were you thinking?

the album is okay. bitin pa nga eh, when you think about it. the music is great and that's what's important. we pay tribute to the people who brought us the music. that which made us laugh, cry, live, love, die. even after they've all left each other to pursue other things, you'll always remember how for a time, they were the best of pals and how their music made us feel a little.

Friday, January 27, 2006


january 26 is ellen degeneres's birthday. i get to see her show when i'm at home. it's so different from oprah because you see her incorporate humor in the interviews she has with her guests. and she is so cool. i have never seen a pair of rubber shoes look better with a suit. and she likes to dance. she looks sooo hot (portia de rossi, you lucky bitch!) when she dances.

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the original definition of a tomboy is a girl who acts like a boy. i think that's the same in every jurisdiction. it's only here in the R.P. that a tomboy means both a girl who acts like a boy and a lesbian.


i got to be with A and K yesterday. it was so nice. they just met each other and you think they've been friends for like a long time. it was nice to associate a woman from my past and a woman i want to include in my future (even on just a platonic level) with so much ease.

i missed A so i thought i'd see her. i wanted to check on "my kids" and you know she'd update me on what's happening with M even if i don't want her to.

i like seeing K. i can't deny the fact that i'm attracted to her and even though i know she's taken and she'll only lead me on and i'll get hurt, i try to see her anyway. there are so many things i want to talk about with her. it's not like i want to steal her away, i just want to talk, be friends. you can be friends with your ex, right? so you can also be friends with someone you like but is taken.

K is special. as to why she is, i don't know yet. but she's cute, definitely. and she's ok with A. that's good. not like i need A's permission or anything. i just have this insane notion that all my lesbian friends have to be friends, like a whole lesbian network. oh well.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Angel: The Love Story of (Wini)Fred and Wesley

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The good thing about having cable is that you get to see reruns of shows you love without the extra charge. These days, being a pathetic homo sapien, the only other thing that keeps me up is watching Angel reruns. They’re showing Season 3 now. There are some parts you don’t wanna watch because it will either make you cry or cringe but you still do because, well, the show’s great. Joss Whedon is a genius.

Anyway, one of the things I liked about the show was the love story, particularly that of Wesley and Fred’s. First of all, I’m such a sucker for British guys. Then there’s the fact that I’m in to unrequited love, which Alexis Denisof’s character suffers until Season 5 starts. That’s a long time to be pining over someone. And then there’s knowing that no matter how smart you are, nerdy at that, you’ll still look hot in a red dress and you’ll still go bonkers over love. We all know love is powerful and it looms over the heads of people under its spell, whether normal or mystical. you see that transcend on the last few episodes of Season 5, when Illyria (the Demon Queen who took over Fred's body) holds on to Wesley's body at the point of death and offers to lie to him that he may see Fred before he dies and then kisses him.

of course, I have nothing against Gunn and Fred's relationship. it was pretty romantic, being mixed race and all. but watching all the episodes unfold, how Wesley has always been fascinated with Fred, not only for her looks but for her brains and the pureness of her heart long before Gunn decided he liked Fred, that's romantic. how Wesley asked Gunn to take care of Fred when he realized that the two had already made a connection, how he patiently waited. there's also Fred visiting Wesley in the hospital when no one else would (I should have an episode guide. I am sounding so much like a telenovela freak). I knew there was some part of Lilah that wanted more than sex from Wesley. she even dressed up like Fred and acted like a jealous girlfriend when she knew Wesley was giving Fred advice every now and then. then there's Wesley being totally oblivious to the signals Fred was sending in their times at Wolfram and Hart.

yes, it's official: i have become an addict. i've always been one. Angel, the series, along with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, the series is way better than the soap operas we get bombarded with everytime you tune in to local tv. wouldn't you agree?

it's romance that rocks. literally. you'll notice that in the show, the power of love; how it moves people, both alive and dead, demonic and human, good and evil. love moves. it bleeds and it bites too.

nota bene: Alexis Denisof, the guy who plays Wesley, is actually married to Alyson Hannigan, the girl who plays Willow. Justine, the character whose twin sister was killed by a vampire and the one who aides Holtz in his revenge against Angel is played by The L Word's Laurel Holloman.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

ralph vs. the terminator, the charming one and the baker

if you think ralph is ugly and are sick and tired of me pining over him, SKIP THIS.

if you think you can learn something from me about your rights, READ THIS.

oh, by the way, my knowledge in labor law is kinda rusty.

if you think something is funny, share it only with the people you trust and have a good laugh. then keep it to yourselves. other people may not think it's funny and you could lose your job.

on january 13, 2006, on or around 3:00am, as the petitioner was arriving for work as a supervisor, he was called by one of the executives and was told that he was being terminated for unprofessional behaviour. petitioner was caught off guard because of the swift sudden turn of events and signed a piece of paper. i don't even think he read it. he was no longer asked to redeem himself or even get his things. the man was escorted from the 10th floor to the lobby by the charming one, she hailed a cab for him and even asked him if he had money for fare.

The document in contention is what is known as GTIDP. It is a set of goals assigned to a specific employee, indicating his/her target accomplishments for the month. The said document was supposedly filled in by profane comments by the petitioner and by his friends, also like himself, supervisors. After accomplishing said form which was accessible to others through intranet access, the same was forwarded to other supervisors, as a source of humor they could share amongst themselves. While the other supervisors were enjoying the electronic document through their respective computers, one of the defendants, whom we hereafter shall refer to as the terminator, saw the raucous, found it distasteful, printed the same and showed it to her immediate superior, the charming one. It was also the time of the baker’s visit, which created a stir in the company later in the day, which cost petitioner his job.

“No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law and equal protection of the laws.” (Article III, Section 1 of the 1987 Constitution)

Thus, the first and the very basic of all rights enshrined and protected in our constitution. Basically, you can’t just be wiped out of the face of this earth without being told why, you can’t just be laid off from work for something you allegedly did without being an opportunity to defend yourself and you can’t just be incarcerated because the cops just feel like bringing someone in.

In this particular scenario, your job is not your property, it is actually your source of life. It is where you derive income in order for you to sustain your life and that of your family's. The procedure prior to dismissal of an employee, according to our Labor Code requires that the employee to be dismissed must be given a notice (to let him know what he did wrong that would warrant dismissal and the company's decision to let him go based on that act) and an opportunity to be heard i. e. an opportunity to defend himself based on the information given to him. None of them are present in this case.

petitioner was not called or given a written notice stating the grounds for his termination neither was he given an opportunity to be heard. everything that could be done in order to terminate him was done right at that very moment. please don't hate me for blabbing about this. i would do this for anyone, it just so happens that i like the guy they fired. you could also say that it would be moot and academic if ralph complained because he signed the damn paper that they shoved in his face. his signature is an acknowledgment of everything they accused him he did and mind you, this is the petitioner's first offense. all his other cohorts just got warnings. it's like they were just waiting for ralph to commit a mistake so they'd have a reason to fire him.

i've spoken with the man, in one of those rare opportunities that i could actually muster up the courage to go up and talk to him without losing my IQ. i have to say that all that time he was talking, i was thinking how ugly he was and the fact that he doesn't really care about his human rights made me more convinced he was an idiot (he's already an idiot for not paying me the least amount of attention). SWEETIE, YOU CAN'T CLEAR YOUR NAME UNLESS YOU COMPLAIN. THE COMPANY WHO TERMINATED YOUR SERVICES WILL NOT CLEAR IT FOR YOU. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT CLEARED, YOU CAN'T FIND ANOTHER JOB. gets? everything is connected, honey. so you don't even care about your backwages, the fact that you were doing your job (marvelously) for almost two years now, that should mean something to you, at least. and what will you do in the meantime? it took me months to get my clearance, and i resigned. they'd give you hell getting your clearance, they won't even let you get in the frigging building and you heard them say so.

i don't know if there's a moral to all this. after talking to him and how indifferent he was, i lost all interest. really. you can't fight for another person's rights if the actual person whose rights have been trampled upon, does not want to assert them. all you can do is pray they'd realize that you actually do make sense so that they can make sense of their lives.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

sweet bordering on embarrassing

there’s a law school near where i work. of course, there’s only one law school in manila that’s not in the U-belt and i’m not referring to UP. you know, that posh school where rich kids, stuck up kids all converge. okay, apologies to the nice people who emerge from there, i don’t mean to generalize. anyway, there’s this tall guy with long hair, beautiful feet (he wears a long-sleeved shirt with slacks and a pair of flip-flops) and an awesome looking nose who hangs out at the Starbucks branch (not where she works) where me and my colleagues normally get our caffeine dosages. he reviews there often. he reads his case assignments there (by the way, thank you, sir, for informing me that there is now jurisprudence accepting text messages as part of evidence – not parole). we always see him, we like him. i never really get to look at him up close, but last night i got to.

my colleague and i were waiting for our other friends to come up and get their coffee so we sat at the coffee table next to his. my colleague was worried about this person who bugs her, claiming that she owes them a sum of money. while no one in this jurisdiction gets imprisoned for non-payment of a debt, the debt is in deed paid, so there is no reason for them to hound her like that. you could say that they’re already bordering on unjust vexation because they’re already stalking her and bothering each and every member of her family. so while i try my best to convince her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about, given my knowledge being rusty and all, she is convinced but still bothered. so i go, “do you want me to ask him?” and she says no, of course. but i still do ask him and take advantage of the opportunity to get his name and shake his hand. the man’s pretty nice. and cool. i rarely see long-haired male law students who could pull off the whole ensemble and still look clean. he’s probably gay. or really metrosexual.

i'd hate to take the bar again and take it at the same time he takes it.


i was pretty sure i texted my dad about being at work already. unlike in my previous call center, we are not allowed to bring anything to our stations, we have lockers. After texting him, i made sure to turn the phone off and keep it there. besides, who would bother to text me while at work? nobody loves me. apparently, the old man didn’t receive my messages and proceeded to go on a witch hunt as to where i would be. he called the office and talked to my coach, checked to see if i was at work. my coach thought it was pretty sweet. yeah, sweet bordering on embarrassing.

i remember this story being told so many times that i’m not sure if this was me or someone else. i remember it so well it feels like me. gaaad, i wish it was someone else. i’m pretty sure it wasn’t me because my mother wouldn’t do that. but it sounds like it’s me. anyway, JS prom, everybody’s dancing. of course, dance floor, dark room with lots of teenagers gyrating. suddenly a flashlight hurts everybody’s eyes. a parent was looking for her child. mommy says, “anak? anak? ay, anak, andyan ka pala, uwi na daw tayo sabi ng daddy mo” (“sweetie? sweetie? - - can’t think of how to translate that word without getting out of context. anyway. oh, there you are, honey. come on, let’s go. your dad said we should go home now”) and the poor kid had to go home.

it’s pretty humiliating to be this old and still have a curfew. i know i should be happy considering that most people don't have that. but i can't. i simply can't.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ramblings of a fella with a clogged nose and a really husky voice

of course, you missed me, why wouldn't you? you wanted to know if there was someone out there more pathetic than yourself so you go to this corner to make you feel better about yourself. maybe you will. maybe you won't.

it's bad enough that society has to shove it in our faces how imperfect we are. the media has to smother us about it all the time. we don't need the people we supposedly love and care about to rub it in.

i happen to like the way i look. by staying fat, and stubborn, i'm actually making a statement. you don't have to buy everything TV tells you to. you don't have to starve to enjoy life and just because you're a waif it doesn't follow you're healthy.

Don’t look at me like that. You still have the power to make my IQ drop low. It’s like you’re giving me a reason to hang on even when it hurts to. And I said that by the New Year I’d stop caring about you. Yeah right. I want this year to be good. I want to be a lawyer not just for me, or my dad. I want to be a lawyer for you. I want to be everything good and desirable so I could make you feel sorry for rejecting me. That, or give you something to brag about when I get really famous. Everytime I get to, I keep thinking, you’re not worth it. I should give it up. It scares me that with the way you look at me, there might be something that wasn’t there before that when I finally have I might just waste.

I wish I could stop thinking about you the way I do. I really wish I could talk to him the way I talk to you. I really enjoy your company. I shouldn’t be thinking about you. I shouldn’t. You’re happy. It’s just that, sometimes, you look at me like you want to touch, not just look, on what’s on the menu. But you’re not supposed to buy anymore.

I’m trying my best to avoid feeling for women, especially right now. The scars I got from her are still too painful. oh well, not too painful. not anymore. it just scares me period. it was so draining for me, what she and i had. It makes me respect my kind but not necessarily consider having a relationship with one yet. And yet you make me want to. I just hope that if I fall for you, you won’t hurt me. Or vice versa. I don’t want to start something if someone will end up getting hurt. I love women too much.

What are you looking at? Beware; I dig younger, cute guys. oh yeah, did i mention i dig guys that have homosexual tendencies? you reek of homosexual tendency.

Belittle me all you want. Just wait till I’m a lawyer, you bitch. That or a really hot rock star. Sasagasaan pa natin ang ilong mong pango. Kahit sipunin ako, cute ilong ko, gaga! (We’re going to run over your already flat nose. Even if I always have a cold, my nose is cute, you bitch!)

Dr. House in the HOUSE

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current mood: sniffy (what good is a beautiful nose if it’s always clogged?)

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i’m getting to be really crazy about this show on AXN, HOUSE. it’s about a doctor of diagnostic medicine who has an unconventional way of treating his patients. the man refuses to wear a lab coat, spits at the other doctors, wears really cool sneakers, pops pain killers like they were candy (the man is limping due to muscle death – he didn’t want to have it amputated), and is very anti-social. he’s old, sarcastic, even mean, but you can’t fault him for trying to find ways to cure people. it’s just too bad the season is finally ending, with his ex-wife asking him for help to cure her new lover. wonderful. the ultimate test, right? as a doctor, you have a duty to heal and take care of your patients. but then this is the person who’s married to your lover after the divorce. and you didn’t think she’d get married again.

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Hugh Laurie (Stuart Little 1&2) stars as the great Dr. Gregory House, neither charismatic nor cute but you find a way to love him and think him to be hot for all the medical terms coming out of his mouth. Robert Sean Leonard (Dead Poets Society) is his best friend Dr. Wilson, the oncologist and Lisa Edelstein is Dr. Cuddy, their boss at the hospital. his staff is composed of Dr. Foreman played by Omar Epps, Dr. Cameron played by Jennifer Morrison and Dr. Chase is played by Australian hottie Jesse Spencer (love the accent). the stories are very interesting to say the least (like i said, i’ve never been good at making reviews), the executive producer being X-Men director Bryan Singer. i wouldn’t exactly compare it to E. R. or any other medical show we’ve seen locally. it’s very quaint and unique. the drama isn’t so mushy and it actually ventures on funny. think speed diagnosis.

in the last few episodes, i’ve see Dr. Cameron leaving the hospital during the transition in the medical board. Dr. Cameron likes Dr. House. her decision for coming back is if House would agree to date her. she asks him what he thinks of her and this is what he had to say: “you don’t love, you need . . . you feel the need to fix things that’s why married a man who had cancer . . . you’re going out with me because you’re looking for your next charity case. i’m twice your age, i’m not charming. i’m not good looking. i’m not even nice. i am what you need. i’m damaged.”

for that, Dr. House wins points in the honesty department and makes you love him even more in a demented kind of way, if you like guys who shove it in your face that they don’t like you (hmmn . . . sounds familiar). but we give him props for making sure that the patients are fine even if more often than not, he hides from them or gives them a hard time or makes them feel stupid. the man’s such a jerk, but on the other hand, he’s so brilliant.

“most patients are stupid”. i agree.

laptop, anyone?

my bosses recently awarded me with a language laptop for kids for doing extra hours of work. yes, yes, my life is pathetic. i don’t have a kid, a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, anyone, so i might as well just spend my time working. my father enjoys the fact that i’m doing overtime work. it means more money. if i had a kid, around age 7 or 8, s/he would’ve leapt for joy at the sight of mommy’s new acquisition. but i don’t have a kid. most of the people who call me “mom” are old enough to make their own kids. i don’t get along with any of my cousins’ nor their kids, same with some of my godkids. and much as i’d like to, i can’t send this to the kid in Palawan* because it’s going to elicit feelings of jealousy and envy in the community where she stays so only moderate gifts are allowed to be sent to her. so, without necessarily meaning to, my bosses just made me a little more sorry about myself during the holidays.

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it’s actually a good gadget, for $79.99 or roughly P4000, you get to teach your kid how to speak Spanish, enhance his knowledge in Math, Science, English, American history. perfect if you’re a Filipino who wants to be in the U.S. i should sell this to those chicks looking for a foreign husband in our computer shop. oh, yeah, and if you need tech support on the darn thing, i know people who can troubleshoot it for you. =)

any takers? you know where to find me.

* kid in Palawan - World Vision sponsored child