Monday, December 26, 2005

Angry Girl Journal Entry 12.20.2005

Currently listening to: the L word OST (which I got for the really low price of only P150 at Tower Records, SM North Edsa)

Current mood: pissed

The first time I went to the production floor I was really disillusioned. The people here are not nice. They don’t smile; they don’t even bother to try to pretend to be nice so you could at least ask them a question. They don’t have to be nice for real, but common decency dictates that you pretend to be. Back where I used to work, the people were very accommodating. They never made you feel stupid for asking a question, and busy or not, they will attend to you. They were pretty helpful to me so when I became a tenured rep, I did the same for the others. Mommy Bels nga eh.

Also, it didn’t take me 20 minutes to get to a supervisor. Mind you, I had to transfer calls to a department that may or may not be on the same floor. The supervisors I had to transfer calls to come from British Columbia, India or the R.P., or the U.S. But they didn’t take long. Here, the supervisors for a sup call or a query are just 2-5 paces away but they’re either on lunch, already logged out or busy, or not your coach so you can’t ask them. The floor coaches/mentors/lead reps or whatever you call them, are just as difficult to approach. I can only name a few people who are very helpful not just to me but the other people from my batch. Most of the time, it’s a shitty day.

I got really pissed off with this rep. She didn’t teach me much, she wasn’t accommodating and she made me feel like it was a burden that my trainer made me buddy up with her to listen to a call. She even asked me for a cigarette this one time. But when I asked her if she knew this guy because I couldn’t find a station to log in to, she pretended not to hear me. Galing di ba? Then there’s this other rep who would only talk to the pretty newbies. He wouldn’t talk to me or answer my questions because I wasn’t pretty. I don’t have any other explanation since when my friend and I asked questions we were just standing next to each other and you could feel that he only saw her. Some of them talk to you in a condescending manner but then they’re no wiser than I am.

The people that I used to work with busy or not, lunch break or not, gave me the time of day when I had to ask something. So when it was time for other people to ask me questions, helping them was easy. And it didn’t matter whether this was your coach or not, any mentor/tenured rep would be able to assist you. Any person can help you.

I know it’s a great disservice to my current company that I say this because in all fairness, there are some nice people on the floor. I know I shouldn’t compare how the people from the previous company treat me to how these people treat me. This new company pays better, but how come nobody ever smiles? Aren’t they happy? What, they’re not happy so they want everybody else to be miserable?!

This has nothing to do with my old or new company: what the hell is the purpose of getting me to be the godmother of your child when you don’t even invite me when the kid celebrates his birthday? Oh yeah, and I live right next to you? Then you whine that I don’t give the kid anything for Christmas. It’s not the kid’s fault that you’re rude, stupid, shallow and unethical. It’s not like he had a chance to choose who his parents would be. I know I’m not the best person there is, but I could be a really cool godmother (I was a cool friend, you know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten me in the first place) and you’re depriving your son of that privilege because you just happen to be an idiot.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

happy holla

better late than never, right?

to all my friends, enemies, bloggers, readers, lurkers, lovers, stalkers, etc. :


Or as Ellen Degeneres would say, Happy Holla-day!

don’t miss out on what the season is really for.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

i couldn't help but stare

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you remember this fixation i used to have with this guy who looked like Ethan Hawke and Patrick Garcia, hence, we named him Ethan Garcia? i can't find him anymore. he was probably assigned to guard something else.

i don't know if any of you were aware that before Benicio del Toro got into movies like 21 grams, Traffic, etc., he was a villain in this James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton entitled License to Kill. he was so hot, for a lunatic goon of a drug lord.

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anyway, last wednesday, i got to share a ride on the MRT with this guy who looked like Dario, Benicio del Toro's character on the said Bond movie. he was a gentleman, giving an old lady a seat, which you rarely see nowadays. lately, what you will see is a lady giving up her seat for an older lady (that's right, girls! let's shove it in their faces that these guys are a bunch of wussies!!) or someone pregnant. there is no chivalry anymore. anyway, i digress.

the guy was moreno, and tall and thin and Dario-like that i couldn't help but stare. since avoiding his gaze was futile (the man sat in front of me!), i pretended to take a nap. when i went down at this station, i could see him looking at me. galing di ba? he probably thought i was a stalker. or something. and then i never saw him again.

anyway, Dario, or whatever your name is: i hope there are more guys in the MRT/LRT like you, who will let a lady sit. there is hope for the heterosexual male! may your tribe increase!

more misses

i was so busy with work that i didn't get to read my emails. I MISSED THE PRIDE MARCH! AAARGHHH!!!!

oh, well. anyway, i'm not yet as physically fit as i want to be to attend the pride march. it would've been fun because i've seen them march a couple of times on tv and i keep on thinking what my entrance would be when i march. i still have it in my head and i will do it soon. do bring lots of candy, you wouldn't want to puke at my get-up.

oh, yeah, the SEA games were held in my country too but i managed to fail to notice. i hear we won a great number of golds this year. this may be too late but CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FILIPINOS!!! we are sooo proud of you!

everytime i meet with my friends from my old office, i tend to visit Starbucks because i have this crush on kakai (barista/manager) but the only time i get to be there is a Saturday, which is her day off. bummer. she's so cute, i miss her. even if there wasn't much to miss considering that we only got to talk a couple of times. she's cute and nice and friendly and she looks good in black.

i miss elena too. she hasn't written me or texted and i have no idea if she's still in the country or if she went back to her hometown in the US. it's not like we had a relationship or anything, she was just great to talk to and i could be myself around her.

they say that you miss out on a lot of things aside from sleep when you work in a call center. i wouldn't say that. i studied law and i still missed out on a lot. maybe it depends. whatever.

i told you i was a bisexual

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish

you are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.

Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

How Boyish or Girlish Are You?

what's a eunuch again?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Hits And Misses

the 12th NU 107 Rock Awards. all those great bands, my friend Erwin Romulo as one of the judges, with MiG Ayesa as guest performer and everything;

the Human Rights Concert at the Podium. my co-workers from my old office and i were there in the area but we were all so worn out from work we just went home;

my new office’s Christmas party. would’ve been nice. there was this American from another account who was practicing a dance with my account bosses just right behind me. he was tall and thin and had a pointed nose and according to my sources, really bad teeth. but he looked like Ethan Hawke. with bad teeth.

it was boi bitch’s birthday last Wednesday. i miss boi bitch. we don’t get to hang out anymore. it was also link’s birthday. he and i don’t get to smile anymore.

Mico, my kumare, had her birthday last Thursday. she’s in Italy. i miss her.

it was Ralph’s birthday last Tuesday. no, i didn’t try to go there and bring him cake. i wanted to, though. i restrained myself. i found out later that he wore pink to work. pink long sleeves, pink neck tie, sneakers.

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saw Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and i absolutely thought Robert Pattinson, the guy who played Cedric Diggory, is hot. i also came to this theory that maybe Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint’s character, is bisexual. but then, that’s just me. of course, it is a love triangle with Harry, and Ron over Hermione. the movie was great and maybe if it wasn’t 147 minutes long, i would’ve watched it again. it made me want to get the books;

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got to spend time with my new co-workers for World AIDS Day. we were all near the Rockwell area but nobody knew about the free concert so again, i missed MiG Ayesa and other great bands as well. but being with my new co-workers was a great experience. i now have an oblong within my oblong of friends (yes, you read that right: oblong)

got home just in time to see the last episode of the last season of Angel. Angel and Connor had coffee, had an “I-know-you’re-my-father moment” and kicked ass. the Fred and Wesley scene was a tearjerker. i can no longer remember Spike’s name before he became a vampire but his poetry rocked.

saw Ralph. he smiled at me before he left. my IQ shot at negative 100 something off the scale.

yeah, yeah, i know. i shouldn’t be pining for someone who will never love me back. but that’s better than falling for someone who’s married. if Ralph digged me, it might’ve been over in two minutes, but at least, nobody would mind, because he’s single. no home to wreck. that’s great, right? it sucks, yes, to be ignored, but i’ll take that any day. i saw him(Ralph) and that was it. my day was complete. scratch your heads all you want. i love Ralph. unless you guys can hook me up with Lee Pace.

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